Friday, 6 November 2015

Sigma Warm Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

Ordered this from Luxola I think? Anyway, I thought the colours are very versatile and I was looking for some girly pinkish look. The only other eye shadow palette I have is the Naked 2 from Urban Decay which I love. I'm eyeing the Smokey palette now but..... #selfcontrol  

Half of the shades are shimmery. The colours are not very true to the picture especially on my skin. Maybe my yellowish skin alters the colour outcome. My brush pics up aplenty of the powder. It looks like it's picking up more than my other shadows. This is great. I don't need to apply so many times. 

I think I applied Cinnamon, Cozy and Warm Stone in this picture. All blended out nicely of course. Cinnamon is a very nice transition colour for me. I have been using it when I want to sport the more neutral look, on my less smokey days. Or when I want to sport an extremely smokey eyes, I will use this to blend the darker shade out into the brow area. I will be using this palette to help me with my Halloween look! So excited for that. My first time "dress up" ever, or should I say "face up" since there is no costume involved, just gonna make up my face. Hopefully it will be scary/ugly pretty instead of just ugly hahahah. 

Sigma Warm Neutrals Professional Make Up Collection 

Lovely colours

Due to my skin tone, I probably need to apply it on my hand first to see how it will fare on my lids since it doesn't really look like what I see on the palette. 
Not exactly cheap. I forgot how much it is but probably more than half of Urban Decay Naked palette. Probably because Sigma is the well known make up brushes that people usually use? I guess so. 

You should get these if you don't like your other shadows or if you are looking for specific shades on the palette.

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