Sunday, 6 August 2017

Kylie Cosmetics KKW Creme Liquid Lipstick

So I was contemplating on whether I should order these liquid lipsticks but then decided to just get my hands on them. The formula was new and the shades would most likely not suit me except for the darker ones (maybe the 2 darkest). But the packaging is just so damn beautiful it was calling out to my soul... hahahha. Ok drama, I know. I kinda regretted not getting the KoKo Kollection after it was sold out and the packaging was ultra nice.

Look at these pretties.... so glad I ordered them. I got the one the first restock and they were still available few days after that. The first launch was probably sold out within an hour. They were later relaunched on kkwbeauty which is kinda expected. I hope Kim will do darker shades in the future!

I still have my eyes on the velvet formula - Strawberry Cream and Harmony. Maybe I will wait for some promo to be on before I get them. 

So formula wise I would say these KKW are like a liquid version of your normal bullet lipstick. Totally not matte nor long-lasting. They transfer like your gloss or normal lipstick. Colours are sheer. Easy to apply and do not dry which is a pretty nice change for me since Ive been using mostly the matte formula every since my LimeCrime phase. 

The colours from light to dark are:

Honestly I can only carry off Kimmie the best and that is also when I have some make up on. 
As for the rest, I can still force Kiki to look alright on me but Kim and Kimberly is pretty much too pale on me aka will make look sick. I gave them to my SIL and they look great on her pale skin. If you have yellowish asian skin like mine, you can also probably take the darkest Kimmie. The rest you will probably not like at all. 

Since I kept Kiki and Kimmie, I have since mixed them with the other matte kylie liquid lip just to have that more balmy feel rather than dry feel, just on the days when I dont feel like putting on any make-up at all but I still need some lip colour. 

I didnt even bother to put on Kimberly and take another picture. If you can see that Kim already looks pale on me, you can pretty much guess that Kimberly will make me look more dead hahahah. I put on more makeup for the Kimmie pictures so they helped.

Not drying at all! Which is a good change since I have been using matte liquid lip these days.
Odourless. Awesome change from the sickeningly sweet Kylie scent.

I can only carry off 1 out of 4 colours. 
But, the other colours I can mix it with the other kylie which are too strong on its own.
Not long lasting. Need to reapply after every meal.

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