Friday, 31 October 2014

Innisfree Creammelow & Color Glow Lipstick

Ordered these Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick online. Havent seen them at the local Innisfree yet. Both colours turned out unsuitable for my lips. #anotherdarklipsproblem

I ordered creammellow #3 and #8. Who knew on my lips they would look like crap. Grabbed these colour coding from etude site. They have aditional 2 new shades. 

Texture is pretty moisturising but the colour chart is very off. Maybe because of my dark lips. One thing i need to remind myself of after this experience is never to order lipstick online without trying out the colours on my lips first. 

So after being disappointed at the creammellow lipsticks I went down to Innisfree another time and I saw Yoona's pic and the lipsticks there! oMg ok great finally I can try  on the colours. I really like the moisture level but not the colours i ordered. So tried them on and decided to get this surprise surprise coral colour. What else was I gonna get right. Colour coding  seems a little off but I didnt pay much attention to that. I reached home and realised that i frickin got the wrong range. The one I got from the shop was Color Glow! Grrrrr. I was so annoyed. Best thing is the one I picked has a little glitter in it which I dont like but since I so wanted a creammellow lipstick I just got it anyway. Double grrr. That explains why the colour coding was different from what I saw online. #stupidme 

Inner metal tube is different. But you wont be able to tell the difference from the outside. 

See. Exactly the same. Wtf. I am still using the colorglow occasionally not because I dont like it but because I have like a bazillion of lipsticks in operation now and my current go to is still my Too Faced Melted. 

Sliced off the tip of both creammellow and will be passing the redhot to Angela and the lighter one to my sil if she wants it. She suits these nude shades. 

They had up to shade #10 initially but now i think there were few more shades hence my #12. 

Looks pinkish here but somehow turned orange on my lips again hahahah. 

Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick 

Colour payoff is good.

You will see little clumps on the lipstick after one or two applications. Not sure why that is. Maybe from dirt or dust or peeled off skin? I cant have that much skin so dont think so. Maybe just dirt. I dont see this on my other tube lipsticks. 

This shade has a little shimmer which I dont like. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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