Thursday, 23 October 2014

Etude House Tint My Brows

Went to the new super huge flagship Etude House store at Wisma Atria today. They have many more new items compared to the other tiny Etude shops.  Ive used up my single 20% off yesterday. What a waste. I got the hair treatment and more lip balm. Will do the review for those next time. 

This brow filler is waterproof and comes in 2 shades. I got shade #1. The other is a light brown shade more suitable if you have dyed brown hair. 

It comes with instructions on the side which confused me for a while. But i ended up using it like i would a normal brow pencil.

Just like a calligraphy pen tip. Soft and glides smoothly. Dispenses automatically,  no twist cap. 

Most bottom stroke is one layer of the tint, second stroke up has 2 layers, top stroke has 3 layers. It is pretty light but i think that is a good thing. You cant build it up to be too strong which always happen if you get too carried away with brow pencil. Colour matches my original brow colour well. 

It doesn't look very different compared to my black nature republic brow pencil. The finish is more natural. And i did a scrub test. Usually with one swipe of my finger the pencil will rub off immediately but one swipe wont do much to this tint. 

Havent worn this out for  the whole day but i can forsee it lasting the entire day. Usually at the end of the day with brow pencil my brow shape will get distorted -certain spots are starting to bald. I think its because i usually scratch any itch i feel on my brows hahah. My original brow without make up is pretty sparse. Just one patch of healthy growing brow at the front and towards the end the growth is very sparse. Ive been trying to reshape and grow out my brows but the progress is really really x5billion times slow. 

There is no spooley and no need for that since the look is already so natural and light. I guess i can save time too since I skip this step. 

Etude House Tint My Brows
#01 Gray Brown 

"Waterproof" enough. 
Smaller than normal eyebrow pencil - very portable.
Light tint so you wont overdraw your brows.
More natural finish than pencil. 

None so far - size wise maybe it will finish very fast if you use it daily

Rating: 4.5/5 
Best eyebrow filler so far. I will be replacing most of my pencils to this next round. 

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