Wednesday, 7 January 2015

DIY Friendship Band Watch Strap

We are heading to Boracay mid Nov so I went to dig out my waterproof watch and of course, its a goner. Straps broke in all places when I tried to put them on. Was thinking if i should just throw it away or just the the strap fixed. 2nd option i wont be able to get it back in time for the trip thats  for sure and i couldn't find a replacement option. Might not be worth it too. 1st option, well its 100m water resistant so its really damn wasted if i just throw this away. A diy strap will have to do. 

Pick whatever colour you want but id suggest the same theme as the watch. I ended up picking 6 colours. Exactly the same process as the previous heart friendship band i made. This time i picked another pattern. Something less complicated. 

You will need:

4stringsx6coloursx50cm strings.
Meaning you need 4strings of 60cm for each colour. 2for each side. Number of colours are flexible. For my size i found that 5 colours would be more fitting for the metal bar length. 6 strings are bit too many but I can still force it in. 

Clasps for both ends. 
In my case I have this razor blade charm that I wanna use and also the usual lobster clasp. 

Pass through one end of the string and when youve halved it, tie a knot to secure it. One side should have 2 sets of colours in reverse sequence. Same colour should meet in the middle. I think this is called the chevron pattern. 

Just keep braiding till you reach your desired length. It doesnt need to be very long because of the clasps that you will later use will add on the length. 

When you have braided enough, add on your charm or simply make a loop with the strings if you want. I have always wanted to use this rustic looking blade so im including it here.  

Make sure you knot both ends firmly and i use superglue at the end to make sure they dont fray. This superglue hardens the strings. 

Cant really see the braids from the top. Ithink  my wrist is small enough.  I think this is good. The braid might seem out of place a little. 

Ok. My face with the watch hahah. I have worn this while snorkelling and swimming in Boracay and it stayed put. The replacement straps serve their purpose well. Glad I made this instead of looking for an authentic Timex strap which will probably just fall off again after a while. I'm currently interested in getting a Pebble watch because of the rude watchface but is Pebble waterproof. Guess I prob only need one waterproof watch at any given time. Pebble is not pretty though. Maybe next time when they come out with a better looking design.

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