Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Boracay here we are! Day Three!

Went out to jog again in the morning but as the days go by i noticed my jog has turned more into a stroll. So many deterrents for jogging on the beach. The mushy sand and  not much shore line to run on since water in my aquasocks will gross me out hahah #notmeanttobeajogger. 

Had local fish dish today which I very much prefer compared to the omelette. We ended up sitting at the same table every time.

We are out on a day trip today. Island hopping to Crystal Cove and Puka Beach which ends up to be my absolute favourite. We hopped on a small boat that could fit maybe around 20people. Our group has multi nationals including locals. It was rather squeezy. I would very much prefer if we have  had lesser people. They let us snorkel on i think 2 sites in between the island hopping. I went on the first round but didnt on the second. The sun was absolutely scorching like mad and of course I dont wanna get too tanned or black spots esp on my face #beachlogic or #asiantouristlogic #thenwhygotothebeach #becauseicanyoubitch wow i just rhymed my hastags hahah 

They made whoever went on the first snorkeling  trip pay a small fee. I think its 20p. They didnt charge for the second one. I heard that there were jellyfish in the water and some people got stung and they were feeling itchy all over. 

There is an entrance fee for Crystal Cove. I think its 200p. Its a huge area. There are a few vantage points for picture taking. And there is a small spiral staircase that leads down to a small cave with water from the open sea bashing onto the cave walls. It is pretty neat and there are few workers there who can take your pictures for you. They are not very nice pictures though. First its because the lighting is reversed - your back is facing the sunlight and the cave is not well illuminated. Second, well, #noskill 
hahah. Wonder why do I look so tall here - Im around Jewels height!! Gasps*

Finally had our coconut there. Ive been saying that i want to have coconut every single day esp after my "run" in the morning but couldnt find any. That was the only time we had coconut on the trip. 

After Crystal Cove we went to another island for a buffet lunch. It was ok. There was a small crowd there from all the island hopping people im guessing. 

Xiu got me this pair of Havaianas from Brazil. Loving the colours! 

Puka Beach was next. This place is awesome!! There is a portion of the beach with special sand. They are thick and coarse and i love it! Super easy to brush off your body. I can roll around in this and feel clean. Just look at that. So pretty! If you look around more they come in really pretty shapes and colours. I ended up taking pictures and videos by the shore and the other two went picture taking in the sea. I didnt even realise at first that this is what the sand looks like till i look down and boom #loveatfirstsight.

Really love this emo pic of Jewels. Very cartoony looking. Everything just matches - her dress and the sky, the green water and the faded yellow sand. #bellissima. 

So Amy and Jewels ended up in the shallow waters taking pictures and i just stayed nearby on the sand taking bikini selfies wahhaah. That was fun. The girls are in most of my leg shots. First time ever in the xxth year of my life that Im wearing a full bikini out in public. Am really happy that Im finally at a heck care mindstage right now to wear one. So what right, everyone with less than an ideal body is wearing one and is comfortable in their own skin. Or maybe not exactly comfortable but they dont really care anyway. I decided to be the the same. Hopefully i can keep the same mindset come next beach holiday. #fingerscrossed. 

After Puka we went back to the hotel for a shower. Puka was nearby our hotel stretch. Just around the corner from Section One. Well, not THAT near that you can walk over but it looked near as in round the bend on the boat, just 5-10mins. After shower we went out to grab our water and I ended up hoarding this chips - VCut which is so msg laden good. Dinner that night was at Andoks.  There are a few ourlets scattered along station 1&2. Its like a typical Indo chicken meal with rice which I welcome anytime - generic food. The girls ordered sisig - pigs ears?? i forgot what exactly that was. Tried it and.. Dont really like it haha. #notexperimentalenough. 

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