Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Lime Crime Velvetines: Red Velvet & Suedeberry

Jan ordered Lime Crime for us via their website and after 2-3weeks it finally arrived. Package didnt need to be signed for so im not sure what sort of mailing what that. We could still track the package status online up till delivery - thats the most important part. Box is so pretty omg. I guess all this excitement has built up to the point of no return hahah. 

Comes with the usual gloss applicator. Formula is not thick at all. Smells like vanilla.

We both had Suedeberry (orange bottom) and Red Velted (red top). Ive been wanting to find a suitable red for my skintone for the longest time but they just wont show up like how I want them to. Takes a while to dry off which is perfect if you need to fix any mistakes or blend anything out. The other similar lippies ive tried dry extremely fast so i have no chance of un-nickiminajing my lips before they dry. Love this formula. 

Sueberry on me and redvelvet on Jan. 

We did the meal test - applied before we eat to see how it would fare after. They stayed on pretty well except for the centre portion which will wear off if youve had oilier food. But i think since i applied more of the velvetines, it stayed on better aka less obvious fading. I would say its still necessary to touch up after you eat and if you eat really gently like a princess whos not hungry to begin with then you probably dont need to touch up after that hahah. 

Red Velvet. Looks pretty goth on me. More on the dark red side when its supposed to look bright red. #damnyouorangeskin. Super not used to this look. I feel like i have to apply a smokey eye makeup to balance it out else its so out of place. BOOM. Look at my obscenely red lips on my makeupless face. 

Surdeberry. Doesnt look that orange on me anymore since Ive blended it out. Is it me or every lipstick is starting to look the same on me. 

Lime Crime Velvetines 
#Suedeberry and #RedVelvet

Colour stays on pretty well. 
Transfer proof once dry but will still come off if you scrub it hard. Perfect for kissing your beau hahah. 
Does not crack (there are little cracks still but you can get away with it if your lips are not obscenely dry)
Easily removed (micellar works fine). Or just do the balm application and remove after. 

A little drying after a while but its still much better than Clio LipNicure dryness. 
Will wear off in the centre after eating esp oily food. 
A little sticky when you smack your lips together but its bearable. Just dont smack your lips then hahaha. 


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