Tuesday, 23 June 2015

DIY Headband

I got this flower necklace from H&M. Thought it might be suitable for Jan but in headband form so I decided to DIY it myself. So i measured the length needed. Unhooked the necessary part so i can turn the leftover into a bracelet. #nowastage. 

Things you need would be:

The headband of course. Any kind you want. A lace one would be nice too. Or any simple metal necklace or chain that you like. 

Elastic band. 

2 squares of Felt fabric. Or any cotton fabric will also do I guess but it feels like usually they use felt. I just happen to have loads of these lying around. Black or colour that matches your hair and the elastic band would be good. 

Do a quick measure on your head. These end up above my ears. I think it will be better if you make sure its in between your ears or slightly below so when you wear it with your hair up you wont see too much of the elastic band. Make sure when you add in the elastic band theres a resistance aka not loose. It has to be a little springy so it will hold up when you wear it. Just do a quick mock measurement holding it up on ur head. I did a quick measuring, cut off the elastic band and then hold them up to measure again. Once you are satisfied you can start sewing. 

There are many holes in the flowers so thats a good thing in this case. You need to make sure that the sewings are tight enough since there will be a lot of tugging     later on. 

I sewed into many of the different holes  and also all around it. 

Cut out an almost square slab of fabric to cover each side of the sewed up parts. Dont need to be perfect. We can adjust it around and cut it to a better size later on. 

Glue around the area. This will help the fabric to stay put while sewing. Depending on the type of glue you use you will need to so this fast because some glue dries up fast and it will be difficult to push the needle through. Mine took a little while to dry but I also had to sew fast. Do not use superglue - the mini tube kind. They dry up extremely fast and when  that happens the fabric will be solid hard. You can forget about sewing anything through it. 

Just wrap around the fabric and make sure the part where the fabric ends overlap are in the inner part (part touching your hair that wont be visible when you wear it) and start sewing to make sure all the exposed  parts are stitched up. Make sure there is only a single overlap. If you overlap too many times the fabric will end up to be too thick and uncomfortable when you wear it. 

End result when worn. I think the fit is alright. Not too  loose and not too tight. My hair has been in this ponytail braid since morning. Kinda look like Elsa's hair from the side hahhaha. Not so much from the front or back. 

The flower design actually acts a little like a comb so the grip is better than if I were to use a plain chain. Maybe i will take a nicer picture next time when I bother to put on makeup and have my hair blown out ahhaha. 

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