Friday, 4 September 2015

SG50 Flea

So we had this SG50 flea some time back. Funny thing is, I wonder why wasn't the flea on the actual day itself ? Could it be because they anticipated lots of people going away for the long holiday? 

Made few more Insta pouches the night before. Absolutely love them. Jan bought the big insta bag. I've made another one since then. Jan, wheres my feedback!! You better write me a raving review hahaha.

Took some pictures for my Etsy listing. Love the grass colour contrast. Pouch comes with a long enough key chain and 3 mini rings for your keys. You can detach the chain which is really convenient if you want to just use the pouch for your cash, coins, and cards.

The wind was gushing madly on that day and we couldn't display the earrings flat on the table so we had to dump them on the baskets which is really not ideal. It drizzled for a bit midway but luckily it stopped after 5mins or so. Few stalls were already packing up, not sure if they decided they were done with the flea or they were preparing to move to the carpark area - which is the contingency plan. Luckily we didn't have to do that. It would have been a stuffy situation. 

It was supper sunny then. We started setting up the booth around 1245. Rushed to opposite to get some lunch first. Had trouble finding our table and then Conrad said it was better to move the table to another spot which is a good idea so we took so long before we could go and grab our lunch. I went up to grab sunblock. Definitely feeling the sun spots forming on my cheeks. Hope the Gili trip won't be burning new ones on my chub cheeks. Really am not liking them. Wearing my Uniqlo sun hoodie which I'll be dragging to Gili. Hopefully that'll save me from most of the sunburn.

They were giving out some kacang puteh and we chose ice gems. Are they super appropriate or what. I'm loving this picture. It will be the cover photo of soon.