Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Etude House Color In Liquid Lips

Finally my new obsession came in the mail. Been waiting for some time for these to be delivered. I should have ordered just one colour. Don't know why I ended up getting two. I think because it was cheap enough that I got 2 for the price of one (retail pricing), thanks to all my vouchers and points.


It looks like a normal lipstick at a glance but it really is a gloss style. It comes in a typical gloss applicator and with a hole in the center - wonder why. This is the best smelling lip gloss I have ever inhaled. Second best was the old school Lancome Juice Tubes which smells like Fox blackcurrant candy. I've only used the purple coloured one so I don't know if the others smell the same. This one smells very familiar.. I can't really put a name to it but I think it's the Woody orange popsicle that I used to swallow by the dozens. Thanks, dad, you instilled a great sugar consuming habit on to me hhahah.

Ordered shade 204 and 205. Both looks ok on me. I gave them a try in the retail shop and I loved how they looked on me. I think the Etude lighting really makes them look super gorgeous. It looks nice still, now, but I think it looked better in the shop hahah. These are great as blush! I love how natural it looks. It's not matte, but not overly glossy as well. Doesn't feel dry but not exactly moisturising either. I think it has half tint properties. It's pretty lasting but not as lasting as the typical tint. 

This is what came off after a soft peck. I did this right after I applied it. It's considered pretty great compared to normal lipsticks. You will have to reapply after a meal or after an hour or so if you keep on drinking. 

#205 shade in this picture. Really looks different from what I see in the shop hahah. Lighting makes a lot of difference. I used it on my cheeks as well. The lighting dulls down the blush but it is pretty noticeable in real life.

Picture I sent to Jan to show her that it's also great a blush - again, not very obvious in this picture but I don't really like OTT blush so this is great for me. Just the way I like it. Finally I found a replacement for my Benefit Cha Cha Tint - I'm using that as my main blush. 

Me in #205 and Jan in #102.
I think my range is the Orange OR range and Jan's is the Beige BE range. Tried the other colours, so far none suits me except these two. Couldn't be bothered to try other orange. I think there are a couple more.

#205 again here.

#204 here. Lighting really makes a difference. It's supposed to be darker than #204 but because the sun is brighter here it's making it look lighter. 

Wearing Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow for my eyebrow. 
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Wearing Eyeko Waterproof Mascara.
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Etude House 
Color In Liquid Lips 
#204 & #205

Doubles up as blush and it's fantastic at it.
Not drying.
More long lasting than normal lipstick.
Smells delicious #nomnomnom.

Could be more lasting, need to reapply from time to time.
Not transfer proof so it'll probably stain your straw and mugs.

Rating: 4/5


  1. i love the smell too! like you said, one can't have too many lipsticks. 💄

  2. 205 looks good on you :) Wish I can pull coral off :'(

    1. Hows your pink shade? I can't pull off pink.