Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Eyeko Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

Was so excited when I saw these on the magazine. Seems like they will be super waterproof which is going to be perfect for my beach trips. Got them from Sephora, there was a purchase mascara + eyeliner deal. Not sure why it came with a guitar pick. That was a little odd. 

Nothing unusual about the mascara. Just like the typical brush wand. Exactly the kind that I prefer. 

Eyeliner comes with a sharpener at the tip. 

Pretty easy to glide on and black enough. Seems promising already.

Had both the mascara and eyeliner in this picture. I tried using  a new app and it kinda over filtered it hahah. So I don't really like the mascara. I've tried better ones. This mascara droops down the lashes. I think it's probably because it's too wet or still new? I need to dry it out a little. Hopefully it will improve as I use it more often. 

Looks pretty lengthy here. Top view is always impressive but from the front it's not that noticeable because it droops down my already curled lashes. 

Left pictures are the freshly applied mascara and liner. Right pictures are what they look like after I took a shower. The mascara is still there but the lashes dropped down further. Eyeliner is still there also but faded off a little. The lines are not distinctive anymore. I'm rather disappointed. I was hoping these are really really waterproof. Well, they ARE waterproof, but they are just like any other waterproof liners or mascaras I have. There is nothing special about them. I was expecting them to do a better job than the normal ones that I already have. 

Eyeko Waterproof Mascara

Lengthens lashes pretty well.

Droops down lashes.
Not more waterproof than other waterproof mascaras.

Eyeko Waterproof Eyeliner

Easy to apply.
Glides easily.
Comes with sharpener attached.

Not more waterproof than other waterproof eyeliner.

If you already have a reliable waterproof eyeliner and mascara, don't bother getting these. 

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