Monday, 8 August 2016

Kylie Lip Kit: Koko K

Soooo finally we got our hands on THE Kylie Lip Kit. There was a major restock and im glad i placed my order. 
After much deliberation between this and Candy K, I picked Koko K. As you know, my lips have a magical ability to convert any colour to shit (except orange of course) so I was feeling very cautious not to mention the fact that this set is expensive - if you compare to Lime crime. But then again maybe the price can be justified by saying you get 2 products - the liquid lipstick and the matching liner. 

OMG. I don't know what happened but I can swear I did up this post and published it but when I checked it just now, only the first paragraph was done up. Wth... ??


So this is the lip liner.. it is much more smoother than I would have imagined. So far I only have the Urban Decay lip liner which is waterproof. And also the whole set of lip liner from 3CE. I don't think they claim it to be waterproof but they are pretty lasting to me. 

So the Kylie lip liner is very smooth, buttery, glides nicely. I used it for 2-3 times before I needed to sharpen it.

Liquid lipstick size is bigger than the usual Lime Crime size I am used to. Smell is a little bit overwhelmingly vanilla. I think this will last me forever.

The lip liner is of a lighter shade than the liquid lipstick. I had a feeling that it will match my Bleached and it did! 

Picture with the harsh light. Looks not smooth in the picture It does not look smooth in real life either. This picture is closer to the actual look of the lipkit on my lips. It highlights your cracks too but I would say probably less harsh than the LimeCrime ones. The application is smooth. Dries up fast but still enough time you to smooth it out. This colour is too light for me!! Not at all what I expected. You wouldnt believe how many YouTube video reviews I have watched and they all vary. Caucasian skin or lighter skin people really carry this colour much better compared to my yellow asian skin tone. I think it is also because my lips base are a little brownish instead of pale pinkish kind like what fairer people sports. No need to watch Youtube videos.. all the colours you see are very inaccurate, I feel. Somehow the videos have inaccurate lightings.. too bright... too yellow because maybe of the indoor lighting. I have mostly yellow lighting in the house and I HATE IT. I am ok with it when I don't have to write or do my handmade DIY stuff. But when I need to do those and also put on make up... yellow lighting is the absolute dread. OK. Enough ranting..

This is with a kinder lighting so everything looks smoother and better. This is how I would really have preferred it to look on me hahah. You really need to have your lips well moisturised before you apply this. I usually just slab on a thick layer of balm and apply my make up first. My lips will look better once im ready to apply my lipkit. There is also a way to apply it less harsh looking. Apply thin layer of balm on your lips. Then apply a little (i just glaze on the center of my lower lips) and then smooth it out. I usually stick to this method after yoga. Just to give myself a tinge of colour so u wont look too walking-dead. Good thing about this lipkit is that it blends well with the balm im using. Thats the 3CE Ho Balm. I use foreverything - my current go-to lazy multi-purpose product - face, lips, dry skin anywhere. Maybe ill do a review next time. 

Comparing it to my Bleached.. PERFECT match!

I have since ordered 22, Ginger, Exposed, Kristen, Candy K........ I know. Hahahah..

If you wanna read the review for Lime Crime Bleached it's here.

Kylie Lip Kit
#Koko K

Long lasting - still have to re-apply after an oily meal especially in the center of the lips but I would suggest you just use the lip liner to reapply because if you use the liquid lipstick, it will crack and look even more horrible than it already is - the lines get more obvious. You can definitely apply your lip serum/cream before you apply them but remember to wipe them off because no liquid lipstick is going to last if you apply any balmish product before or after it.
Feels less dry compared to other liquid lipsticks I have tried.
Size is huge, it will last longer
Lip liner is buttery smooth, a joy to apply.
Liquid lipstick is not as sticky as other brand. Feels really light and not too much of a layer-y feel.

Probably too little if you use it everyday, it won't last very long.
Highlights your lip lines
Lip liner will probably finish very quick
It's a chose to sharpen the lipliner (yes, I'm lazy but I will still do it hahah)
Liquid lipstick smell is too overwhelming

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