Tuesday, 14 June 2016

3CE Drawing Lip Pen Kit

Yay! Finally another 3 Concept Eyes product I get to own. Saw this online and after many days of mulling over how beautiful these colours are, I decided to just get the whole kit instead of individual colours to try out. 

Each of the pencil is sealed with their standard sticker. Same as the ones I see on their lipsticks.
The kit comes with 12 pencils ranging from light pink to dark purple. The last one looks like dark brown but it's more of a dark purple red. The box size is not fitted to the pencil size, when I opened it they are not aligned properly. 

Didnt realise that my pictures are not clear here. 
Anyway, the colours that come with the kit are:
#Little More
#Butter Pink
#You Got Me!
#Sloe Gin
#Crush On You
#Born Red

This is the transfer after I applied it. It's pretty promising! Just very little transfer. I am loving this already it looks very promising! When I blot on tissue very little amount is transferred also.

First colour I tried is Butter Pink! Looks pretty light but I am very hopeful.

This is what it looks on me. Pretty alright. Not too sickeningly white. 

Looks bit orangey in this picture I've filtered. One of the stupid faces I usually send over to Conrad so he won't forget what I look like hahahah. Love how it looks here! 

This is after my dinner. Looking sick here hahah. Colour is not totally worn off, still a bit left but it no longer looks as solid as when I firstly applied it. You will need to apply it after you have your meals but you can get away with not reapplying also. Depends on how OCD you really are. 

Second colour is Endear. 

I think it looks ok! Best things about these lip pencils are, they are so easy to apply, glides on really smoothly, very long lasting, don't break easily, so far out of the so many I have tried, only one tip snapped and that because I applied it perpendicularly down on my lips. Sharpening them will be a chore though but it will last pretty long before you need to sharpen them. Some lip pencils run out pretty fast and I need to sharpen after 2-3 applications, like my Urban Decay waterproof one. Oh yeah, have yet to do a review on that. Haven't tried this lip pencil while swimming but from what I have learnt, there are NO waterproof makeup that are really waterproof. They all run lighter after a dip. My eyebrows will be gone.. My coloured lips will be gone.. My eyeshadow will be gone.. Only a faint hint that there were there to begin with hahah.. Still in my quest to find really a waterproof face. 

Next colour I tried! Also pretty good! Am really loving this palette hahah.. It's a pinkish colour.

Yep, another one of those hahaha. Looks better with filter. 

Ok, this colour is totally OFF on me. I look sick hahahahah. Oh well.. Still need to find a matching eye makeup for this look. I am never sure of what to match a sick nude lips and a goth lips look.

Much better after I decided to apply You Got Me on the center. Gradation look saved the day. Koreans call it gradation though proper word is gradient? Anyway I keep seeing gradation every time they talk about this ombre look.

Next colour is Willowy. Love this colour! It's like my nude neutral pink. Just applied my Etude brow gel so my brows look like crayon shinchan hahaha.. 

Next colour is Born Red, Kinda look goth red on me almost like Lime Crime Red Velvet.

Ok finally the only plum berry red shade I will probably ever own. It looks still pretty ok on me but makes me look angry too! Hahahah.. The pencil is in brown, I thought it will be brown initially. 

Next up is Beware. Looks kinda nicki minaj pinkish. They are all different but if you ask me to just pick from the lip case to test me which is which colour and what they look applied on me, I will never know. I guess I need to memorise one or two that I can just grab and go for when I travel or in a hurry. This is a great travel item! No need to keep applying especially if you are the type who snacks and drinks a lot like yours truly.

3CE Drawing Lip Pen Kit 

Pretty long lasting.
Glides on smoothly.
Does not highlight lip lines - only a little bit, so much better compared to other matte lip products.
Doesnt look very matte.
Not very drying.
Not sticky when you smack your lips together.
Transfer proof.
Easily removable with micellar lotion.

Need to sharpen.
If your lips are like me, 1 or 2 colours might look OFF on your lips.

That's all I can think off. This lip kit is so awesome it's my favourite lip product at the moment besides the new 3ce matte lipstick that I got. Still thinking if I should order the other 2 special colours. They look not much different from each other but i can't help it. My itchy finger wants to click "BUY" hahahah..

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