Friday, 29 November 2013

Seoul - Day One

Day one in Seoul! 

So initially we wanted to go to either Bali or Shanghai but I really wanted to go to somewhere cold. Not sure what is happening to me. I never used to look forward to visiting cold places but this time round, that is where I want to go. 

It was end November. Winter and loving it. Too bad it didn't snow. It did a week later after we came back. #darnit  

I love Seoul! I've been there a few times and it's so convenient there. You just have to take the airport bus to your hotel - of course, make sure your hotel is one of the stops or nearby. One tip when you #travel in winter, make sure this is the case. You wouldn't want to luge your luggage in the middle of winter with the cold air blowing into your face and be clueless looking into the map in the middle of the road. That's one scenario I try hard not to be in if I can help it. 

We took SQ, there was a promo then but the timing we wanted was not in the promo price range. Airport bus operates till 8pm if I'm not mistaken so better check before you go. I will be going again in April and this time I will be arriving around midnight timing. Need to research on how to reach the hotel. Hopefully taking taxi is fine. I've taken taxis within Seoul but not to and from the Airport. 

If you've never been to #Seoul before, I would suggest you stay at Myeongdong. Highlight is the stalls on display on the roads. I love night market settings! Some shops open till late. We walked till 11pm and some of the shops were till open. Most of the small stalls are already closed by then. Food wise most of them were still open too I guess but we eat our dinner at a proper timing and we snacked after dinner from the small stalls so by the time we need to go back to the hotel we weren't hungry. 

First day we just went to Myeongdong. We arrived when it's dinner time - flight took almost 6hours - oh how i dread long flights but being on SQ makes it better.  Had this big wok cheesy chicken fried rice. Anything with cheese, I'm sold! Pricing wise I forgot how much it cost but it's reasonable. The staff will stir fry the rice for you. The water, cabbage, radish and soup you see are free of charge, you have to get them yourself from the counter. 

After that we just walked around #Myeongdong. Had some street food - twister potato my absolute fave! Compared to the ones in Singapore, these are fleshier and though the seasoning looks little, it's just the right quantity. I usually would ask for more but decided adopt a healthier mindset and just keep quiet. Luckily I did not or it would have been too salty! All that sodium and cellulite - #eeks. You have to know which stall to get the potato from because there is this other stall that sells the thinly sliced version too! #bignono. The better stall is somewhere near the main road, to the side and not the one in the middle of the myeongdong area. 

Some shops were still open by then, the market stalls will start setting up once the sun sets and will close probably around 10pm. So if you don't stay around the area and want to look at the stuff they are selling, it's better to visit within that timing. 

So for that weather, I think I wore my thermal, long sleeve top, and my trusty North Face jacket (which has another layer in it). It was cold but I think it was also because we were still adjusting to the weather and also because of the wind. For #winter places I’ve noticed it always feels cold mainly because of the wind. It’s very bearable without the gushing wind. 

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