Friday, 29 November 2013

Seoul - Day Two

Seoul - Day two!

Had brunch at Paris Baguette next to the hotel. #soyummy! The cafe is so cosy. It's very small with 2 levels (even so) and it gives out this exclusive private cafe feel. After that we headed to #Namsan Tower. Just walked over opposite the hotel and up the hill and the cable car station is around 15-20mins walk away. We went around mid day timing and the cable car queue was not that long. We spent some time outside the waiting area taking pictures waiting for the cable car to arrive. 

The cable car ride took around 5 minutes and we are up on our way to see the tower. There are many steps and it's quite a lengthy walk there so girls please dont wear your heels or platforms unless they are comfortable. Wasn't that crowded when we went. There were some booths nearer to the central area where you can put on Korean traditional costumes for both man and women. I think it's free of charge but there were quite a queue so we went ahead taking pictures in other area thinking we could go back again but guess what, the booths were gone by the time we went back. If you want to catch this opportunity, better go early, before lunch is best I would say. There are a couple restaurants there too if you are feeling peckish. 

There is a Teddy Bear Museum up there but we didn't go in. I've been in there once and I think that's enough. Not sure if they change the display but Ed wasn't interested so we skipped that all together. We spent some time in the teddy shop where he bought few nice notebooks for souvenirs. There is another TB Museum in Jeju I think. I will definitely pop in if I'm ever there. 

So what'as up there in Namsam? There is this whole area that is filled with locks. I think that's the main interest for me when I go there. It's so colourful! Couples will buy locks and bring them up there, write messages on the locks, lock them together and throw away the key. Funny thing is, there are now handphone casings instead of locks. People are getting creative and it's so fun to look at! If you wanna participate, you can buy nice locks from the shop downstairs. I think it even comes with a marker. Kind of an all-in-one package for your convenience. There were a few Christmas trees downstairs and those are also bombarded with locks! I think they are for Christmas. Don't remember seeing these trees when I went last time. I've seen pictures of them covered with snow, so beautiful! It's great to plan your visit there when it's snowing. Everything looks good with snow, no? 

After Namsam we came back down the same way and there is this cafe by the road side near to one of the MRT exits. Cafe name is A Twosome Place. There is free wifi available. #bingo! We had soy and matcha latte and a blueberry sponge cake. Food was alright. But presentation was beautiful! #instagrammoment :) I think that's all we did that day. We spent the rest of the day in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun walking around. Wore the same as yesterday, with the addition of my scarf, thicker lined sweater and changed to thermal jeans. Felt alright - not that cold.  

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