Saturday, 30 November 2013

Seoul - Day Three

Seoul - Day Three!

Today's itinerary is #Garuso-gil and #Dongdaemun. In case you are wondering why we are so relaxed and only cover so little places within a day, we have decided that this is going to be one of those relaxing trips. No time pressure to sightsee places. I don't mind as I've been here before and I prefer to shop anyway. 

So first stop. Garusogil. This was Ed's choice. I've never been here before. It's just a street with cafes and nice local brand shops. Of course the make up stores are still everywhere. If you like Korean make up like Etude House, Face Shop, Innisfree, Nature Republic amongst many others, you will love it here. They are everywhere! Especially Myeongdong, every street you turn into you will see a repetition. Prices are definitely cheaper than Singapore. I feel less guilty grabbing more new stuff to try, at least they are cheaper than back at home. 

We had lunch at #Bibigo. I've tried this restaurant once in NEX. It was more expensive than I thought it would be and taste is just alright. But.. The bibigo here is ermahgerd.. So yummylicious! Maybe we ordered the right dish, I don't know. Portions are very generous and reasonably priced compared to the Singapore outlet. Am definitely coming back here for another round in April and mom wanted to visit Garusogil anyway. Ed and I got this grey long jacket. Surprisingly very warm. You will see it in the pictures to come. It's flattering, not so thick and warm enough for winter weather. #love.  

We had dinner at one of the road side stall. Ordered kimchi pancake and some gyoza. Very oily. Taste is nothing fantastic. Ordered the rice wine. Most of the server in the restaurants or cafes are chinese speaking. So it makes it easier for us to order and ask for stuff. Ok so the rice wine we tried is the sparkling kind and I don't really like it. I've tried the non sparkling kind in Singapore and it's good! Most Korean supermarkets sell them. If you need to try, please ask for non sparkling. 

Stopped by Dongdaemun for shopping. We bought beanies. Have never been a head accessories person before but I think being in a winter place and somehow that makes my hair look better and my skin feels smoother with no breakouts and I automatically think I look not too bad in a beanie. Hahah. Anyway, the material is soft and comfy. We bought it from Doota - that's the building at the back. Lots of local designers. Korean clothes are really of better quality and better cut. It fits chubbier girls better I feel. Comparing it to clothes from Taiwan, Bangkok and the China made ones, these are definitely value for money. Not cheap but it is a good investment. Maybe as I get older my mindset changes too. I used to get so excited when I find nice cheap clothes. I don't really look at the quality. I realised that for most of those, I will only wear them once or twice and I don't like it anymore. Now I would rather get something more expensive but I would still want to wear over and over again and still looks good.  

We saw this group of boyband offering free hugs nearby Doota. Ed kept telling me to go over for a picture so I did. I picked the best looking one. Hahah. They are trying to promote their group. I think they have yet to debut. Maybe they are the next kpop hottie. 

Oh, hello!

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