Sunday, 1 December 2013

Seoul - Day Four

Seoul - Day Four!

We had brunch at one of the cafes in Myeongdong. Sandwiches, toasts, hot chocolate. Not cheap but it's quite good. Good thing about Seoul is that there is Wifi almost everywhere. But when you move around you get disconnected often. The signal isn't strong too. But it's really better than nothing. 

Today we visited #Insadong. Surprisingly there are many maple trees in Seoul. We kept finding gigantic maple leaves on the street of Insadong. So what this street has plenty of is souvenirs. There are unique stuff here. A lot of handmade stuff and things you don't really see elsewhere. We spent most of our day here. There are also quite a number of restaurants, cafes and tea houses. 

We went during lunch time again, so it wasn't really that crowded. Saw a group of Indonesian tourists. Wanted to ask them to take pictures for us but we were too shy so we missed the chance hahah. Solo shots will have to do! That is at the entrance of Insadong. You can go in through this train exit and exit through another at the end of the street, though this one needs a little more walking. 

We stopped for tea at one of teahouses. They sell loads of different tea at level one which come in very nice box sets. Level two is the cafe. We had this tea set that comes with a matcha sponge cake and tea with biscuits. Cake was light and good. They have quite an extensive tea list for you to choose from. I think I picked some wedding tea that tasted fruity and floral. I got this gray sweater at Doota. It was on clearance and it was cheap! No trying though. A little big but I think it will look very good on a slim girl who knows how to match clothes very well - obviously not yours truly. One thing I love about the sweaters there, most of the have this wooly lining inside and it's warm!  

There are a few stalls selling this ice cream. You queue up, make payment and get this yellow crunchy stick and at the end of the queue the guy will pump the softserve vanilla ice cream through the stick. It's quite yummy. Just like McDonalds vanilla ice cream with a harder and crunchier cone. Would be great when it's not that cold.

Next stop we went to Hong Dae University. There is this flea market I wanted to go to. It's only open on Saturdays during specific timing and I think it's closed in winter. Lots of handmade stuff of course. I love flea market settings so I'm always up for a visit to anything like this. Not that many stalls , probably if you walk around in a slow steady paste without stopping by too long each stalls, you can finish viewing the market in 20 minutes. We stopped by this food stall just next to the market. Ordered some sushi and rice cakes. I don't really like their rice cakes. The portion is a lot and there are so much bland rice tasting part I guess. If it's smaller I think i will like it better - more bite size. The sushi wise, I only like one of them but I don't know what the filling is called. They come in many different fillings. You can pick any food on display here and they will fry most of them first before giving it to you. It's a nice experience. Very authentically Korean I would say. Have always wanted to try that soup they dip the sticks in and I did. Nothing fantastic of course hahah.. 

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