Monday, 2 December 2013

Seoul - Day Five & Six

Seoul - Day Five!

Felt colder again today. We wore matching coats today. It's the one we bought at garusogil. It's so incredibly warm though it does't look like it. It has a hood at the back that I love. Not cheap but not exactly very expensive too for something of this quality. Usually i would stay away from anything without buttons or zip at the front but for this coat it doesn't really matter. #majorlove.

Lunch is at this barbecue restaurant near our hotel.It's only open 1130 if I'm not mistaken. We had to walk around first and visit this Aland shop I like! Bought a sweater from there. I haven't bought anything major so far so on the last day surprisingly I bought a lot of stuff - sweaters especially! Hahah.. I'm definitely in the winter mood even up till now. 

Got this grey top from Dongdaemun - it's one set with the white collar you see. Love these fake 1 piece that looks like 2 pieces. Anyway, back to food. We ordered 2 portion of their bbq meat sets. All the other dishes by the side are their side dishes which you can ask for top ups. The staff will grill the meat for us. I think I ate loads that day. Couldn't stop shoving the lettuce + meat + kimchi + whateverelse into my mouth. I usually don't like meat stuff but these are good. We ordered two kinds of meat and one of them is nicer than the other. I forgot which one was that. Not a cheap meal but very satisfying.

We had tea at this cafe - Cafe Benne, Myeongdong area too. It's next to Uniqlo. I bought a skinny jeans from there. It's surprisingly cheaper than Singapore. But since then I found out that Singapore lowered their prices too so it is around the same pricing now. We ordered hot chocolate I think and this waffle with a sinful scoop of chocolate ice cream. Good tea break. 

I did my nails last night. All using Etude House polish and stickers! Not sure why but when I'm there I always end up painting my nails and also get to be so diligent in applying face masks before I sleep and also apply serums. Maybe it's because I'm doing all these plus the good weather my skin feels better when I'm there. #lovit!

We spent the rest of the day walking around in Myeongdong till night time. This is a pomegranate juice. They have this stall by the road side that squeezes pomegranate juice non stop. And it's authentic pure pomegranate. The last time we went in summer they have lemon juice stall but it's mixed with soda which I don't like. This is pure pomegranate. I like feel good food. You always see face creams with pomegranate essence in them. I don't mind eating this if it give me good skin hahahh

Seoul - Last Day!

Last day in Seoul and we had to leave early. Those of you who have never been to Incheon airport before, please go early. So many make ups to see and buy - they are cheaper there compared to Changi airport. And some stuff like Benefit is even cheaper than US Sephora prices. I went to the US and Korea after and compared the prices and I was like ermahgerd... #youiskiddingmeright and I stocked up on lots of my Benefit tint. #awesomebuy. For this visit I got this Clarins cellulite cream. It's only 50-55SGD per bottle. I think retail in Changi is around 70SGD at least. 

We were waiting for the bus here. Cold wind blowing from every direction but it's fine. I'm back to wearing my North Face coat today. If you visit cold countries often you should get one too. I think it's a good investment. 

We went around in the airport and I ended up getting this mini MCM backpack. There was some promo going on and we got an additional 15% off I think. Worth it. Not sure why but people are so obsessed with MCM stuff over there. That's the end of the trip. I think we reached around midnight. Can't wait for April! :)

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