Friday, 28 February 2014

Hong Kong & Macau - Day One

Hong Kong & Macau - Day One

So it was still cold in #Hongkong then. I wore a long sleeve and a lined sweater on the outside. Its my airplane outfit and its just nice for Hongkong weather.

My sister in law got me this #monopod or #tongsis as the Indonesians call it. She bought it from an Indo Instagram seller, delivery took AGES. It's basically just this long single pod which you extend and mount your phone on the further end. It's so #damnamazing but also equally embarrassing to use. We got loads of stares while using it and some people even took pictures of us. Won't be surprised if we end up on 9gag one day hahah. More on that later on. 

Picture in Changi T3 before we depart. Finally I got to watch 12 years of slave on the plane. Wasn't as draggy as I thought it would be. Quite a nice movie. Picture taken using the monopod too. #awesomeness. Finally all 3 heads are not cramped together. 

We had lunch nearby the hotel - we stayed at Park Lane Causeway Bay at Gloucester Street. The chinese cafe Delicious Kitchen was just a few streets round the corner. Food was not too bad. I'm not a foodie so usually I'm not enthusiastic about food unless it's really super fantastic then I would rave about it. Ordered shredded chicken noodle soup for me and the rest had chicken chop or pork chop vegetable rice and also fried wonton with sweet and sour sauce. 

 After lunch we headed to Tsim Tsa Tsui to check out Harbour City, 1881 Heritage and Avenue of Stars. There are plenty of shopping malls once you exit TST MTR. We didnt stop for any of them due to time constraints. Walked towards Harbour City shopping stretch. Many brand boutiques in that area. The malls are like Paragon style. Maybe the stuff is cheaper because Jan says they dont impose GST. 

Our not-too-bad jump shot after multiple attempts. Gotta practice more! 

Ok, you see me holding something in the Bruce Lee picture - THAT'S the almighty monopod. I was under a lot of pressure at that moment because it was very crowded and everyone was taking turns to take picture with the statue. We quickly rushed in and I just extended the stick and snapped a couple of pictures without really checking. Most of our pics do not have that stick in it, I made sure of it. This Chinese tourist asked me where to buy this stick and I said I got it overseas.

We headed up the overhead bridge and somewhere opposite there we found Pizza Express at this K11 Mall. Many pizza selections and wine too. We had rosè. Twas Amys birthday  That was probably the most expensive meal we had in Hong Kong. We spent almost 500HKD. Typically the meals we had were around 200-300HKD. Maybe it was because of the wine which went for around 60HKD each. Still reasonable compared to Singapore. Food was alright. We ordered this pepperoni thin pizza and the other pizza is with gorgonzola and spinach. We shared 2 pizza amongst 3 of us and I was supper stuffed. Later on I saw this Caucasian couple having one pizza each. #whaaat! 

After dinner we rushed back to Avenue of Stars to catch the light show. One tip - never plant yourself at the overhead bridge thinking you have the VIP spot to watch the show. 60% of the view is blocked by Intercon Hotel. We quickly rushed down and walked towards the hotel to get a better view. There is nothing fantastic about the light show. This is my second time viewing it. It was foggy both time. Few blasts of laser lights here and there.
There are a number of buildings with dancing lights participating. Probably lasted around 10-15 minutes. Not sure if its because of the fog or it is just really not that fantastic. 
After the show we headed to Temple Street Night Market. It was Friday Night then but it wasnt THAT crowded. Did not buy anything but Jan bought monopods - yes, we found the same one in the night market! So Jan managed to get them for 70HKD at the night market which was a real good bargain i think. 


  1. Haha the monopod sounds fab for selfies!! Is it safe or can someone just run in and grab your phone? Love you in the first pic above! <3

  2. Yes, it is so awesome. Not just for selfies but very useful when you travel so no one has to sacrifice and be out of the picture. With this, everyone can be in the picture! I will do a separate post next time on this awesomeness. You will be amazed on how wide the range is. Wahahah
    No it's pretty safe. You are holding on to that stick while taking pictures. I would say it's safer than the normal tripod where you would leave it at a distance and then go to your picture spot.