Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hong Kong & Macau - Day Two

Hong Kong & Macau - Day Two!

We had breakfast at Excelsior Hotel nearby our hotel. They also had egg tarts from Lord Stow's Bakery. Apparently that's one of the famous egg tarts bakeries, in Macau? I've seen someone recommended it before online. The verdict was, very sweet. I have a sweet tooth but this is a little too sweet for me. I had another one the next day for breakfast and it didn't taste as sweet. Maybe I was hungry then. I ordered hot chocolate and macademia banana muffin which tasted... horrrible. Amy and Jan ordered croissants. Probably it was the hot chocolate and muffin combo that didn't prepare me enough for the egg tart. Didn't see many stalls selling #eggtarts in #Macau so if you see this, just get it and try. Each is around 10HKD. Prices range between 7-10HKD for the different brands. I've only tried this.  

Picture taken opposite the Excelsior Hotel, I think it's the World Trace Centre mall. They have uniqlo in side. We wanted to go in since Jan wants to get a jacket but they were still closed then. It's safe to go after 1130. I think we were there around 1100 and none were open but some of the shops were already getting ready to open up. We used the #monopod in this picture too. 

After lunch we went our separate ways. I had to attend a friend's wedding at Four Seasons Hotel while them both went ahead to The Peak and Disneyland. We later met up for Ngong Ping 360. Picture taken inside the cable car. We had our own private car! It's because we went late, around 1630 I think. They said the last cable car ride was at 1830. So we took the car up to where the Buddha is and rushed up to take pictures. It wasn't crowded when we got there but the queue for the cable car to go down was insane! So we rushed up, took some pictures and came down to queue for the cable car. If we have missed it Jan said we needed to take bus to go down. I don't wanna know that is like.It's so high up in the mountains. What if we had missed the bus. #die. We saw some people on the pathway below the cable car. No idea how they got there but probably if there was a path I would have tried it if we went there early.  

I think this was the Monastery below the giant buddha. We didn't have time to walk over. 

Finally the #giantbuddha. This guy asked where we got the monopod and I told him the night market. Lucky him. If he had asked me yesterday I wouldn't be able to tell him. Wonder if he went to get it that night because when I told him it's at the Temple Street Night Market he looked pretty clueless where that was. Well, good luck to him. We queued for the cable car for maybe half an hour before it was our turn. It was already 1830 when we almost reached our turn but the queue was still very long. Maybe they stopped the queue up front when it's time but still let people who are already in the queue board the cable car. The sun was already setting when we were halfway down the hill. 

We had dinner back at Causeway Bay near the hotel. Initially we wanted to try this Wing Kee Noodles @ Sugar Street where you can custom request your noodles - I saw the menu but not sure how exactly it works, but the queue was very long and it was already so late so we ended up next door at this porridge cafe. Food was not too bad. The portion is very generous I felt like no matter how many scoops I've taken the porridge level still remains the same. Don't order anything with fish. I had to keep spitting out the tiny bones #whatachore. 


  1. Oh the Congee place is still alive! Haha wasn't very keen in their congee but definitely a place we visited during our high school life!

  2. OMG you know that place?!?! hahahah Hey have you tried WingKee Noodles? It's just next door to the porridge place. Looks interesting but we didn't get to try it.