Friday, 21 March 2014

Happy Tunes

Below are this quarter's #playlist on my iPhone. I'm the kind of person who has very little songs on my playlists. I listen to roughly around 10-20 sounds on a single playlist and then move on to a new playlist when I no longer like the songs. This is very consuming for me I feel. I get bored easily but then these songs will be embedded in my head for few weeks to months and sometimes disrupt my sleep - you know how when you are trying to fall asleep suddenly a #tune creeps up into your head and you start singing along in your head and can't stop no matter what! #mental. Well that's me. Hahahah.. With Kindle and Podcasts I don't really have time for songs these day - those 3 activities are how I spend my waiting time, well those and not counting time I spend playing with my phone. 

OK so here they are, not all are new songs but I don't really care and mostly are Koreans and I still even have one Christmas song on my list! Bwahaha.. 

Rain - 30 Sexy (starting to get over this one)

IU - See You on Friday

Donghae & Eunhyuk - Still You

Topp Dogg - Cigarette

Rain - Marilyn Monroe

K.Will - You Don't Know Love

Clara C - Rye 

Daniela Andrade - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (love this version)

San E - Story of Someone I Know (music video is cute! Ending is totally unexpected)

So You & Junggi Go - Some (Top FAVE now! love this sort of music, listen out for the whatsapp notification sounds, I got fooled many times while listening to this song)

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Can't believe I only heard this song in the Oscars! So catchy!)

Geeks - Officially Missing You (Love the Jayeslee version but this one sounds unique too)

Justin Bieber - All That Matters (I know, an old one, but there's something about this song)

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