Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mind Over Matter?

I've decided to try this 7 days detox programme out. Have always wanted to go on one so hopefully I can make it out of this alive and sane.

Saw this recipe online from this website:

This is by far the most "diet" anything I've ever done so far. I gained a lot of weight in Uni - almost 15kgs and I have yet to lose all of them up till today. I didn't go on a diet then but I did some exercise and better portioned my food and cut down on snacks. I believe that to lose weight, #diet will never work. Especially if you don't pair it with efficient exercise. I know it will definitely not work on me. I will mindf@rk myself into giving up. Better to give yourself what you want but not give in totally to it - Have some chips, but not a whole bag of it. And what they say about growing older is really true - you get fatter and fatter unless you do something about it. I used to have junk for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner whenever I want but if I do that now, I will blow up into a Michelin before I can even blink. 

Why do I decide to do this crazy programme? Well, I've always wanted to go on a #detox programme on my own. I keep telling myself that I need to cleanse my body from the inside. Live healthy. Start somewhere simple and easy. I haven't found anything that really suits me so far but this one fits all of my criteria. I'm really lazy so things that require me to go out and spend a long time looking for (healthy exotic stuff like flax seed, chia seeds, quinoa, acai berries) - I won't even bother. And I'm also very picky - there are aplenty of stuff that I don't like or can't eat - things like asparagus, cilantro #bigyuck, leeks, lentils, etc etc etc, so I need a programme where I can eat all or most things specified in it. This programme is perfect. Watermelon #love. Bananas #love. Milk #love. Now I just gotta survive the first day hahaha

To summarize the programme, these are the things I will eat for the 7 days. I don't want to follow too closely or be too anal about the things I can or cannot do or the amount. I think just as long as I don't stray from the ingredients given I'm fine.

Day One: Eat #fruits only. Drink normally which is 8glasses of water. Especially those with high water content - so these will be watermelon & strawberry amongst many other. Second tier (lower water content) will be apples, grapes, etc etc. I will just stick to watermelon and apples since I have zero problem with them. You can research and find the fruits you like that still fit into this category. Avoid banana - I think it's because it has the lowest water content. Anyway, you get to indulge in bananas later on in the programme.
Day Two: Eat raw or boiled  #vegetables only. Drink normally like what I mentioned. Do not use oil in your cooking. Not sure how am I going to do this since I normally stirfy my vegetables. No potatoes - great, I don't like cooking potatoes anyway, long prep time.
Day Three: Eat vegetables & fruits. One thing that confuses me is that they will split the instructions into morning afternoon evening and night. Don't we just do 3 meals a day? Is night time supper? I'm a little confused about that part but it's fine, we'll just go on with gut feel.
Day Four: 6-8 #bananas & 3 glasses of #milk. This should be fine since banana is very filling. But 8 bananas sound a little bit too little.
Day Five: 7 tomatoes and cup of rice. Drink 12 glasses of water. Instructions say to eat a cup of rice for lunch but I think that might be too much - however, by day 5 I might be too ravenous to even think of this.
Day Six: Vegetables and cup of rice. Yay! More variation finally.
Day Seven: Vegetables and fruits and cup of rice. Awesomeness.

Please get the original instructions from the link I listed. These are my own adjustments So don't blame me if you follow these and it does nothing for you. I'm trying to be a little kinder to my stomach. I still feel that any kind of "diet" is not good for you. 

Day Zero 
I went to get half a watermelon. Was feeling really ambitious and wanted to get a whole watermelon, there are 2-3 days for full fruits consumption I think. Anyway, I was thinking that I should get a fresher one nearer to the day so I only got half.  Came home and chopped them to bite size to prepare for tomorrow. Had my watermelon and apples ready for tomorrow - I'm so set! #fighting!

Day One
Woke up at around 9am. Had a glass of water. Weighed myself - 55. 50kg. I was 53kg 2 months ago. #wtf happened I don't even know hahah 

Excuse the peeling feet. I'm using this peeling foot mask and I've been shedding all over the place. Will probably do a review on that next time if the pictures are not too gross hahah.

Had some apples after I woke up and a glass of water. 
It's 11am and all I can think of is my Kimchi Ramyun with my cheese slices in it....... Salty.. Flavourful.. Oh wait let me add a poached egg too... I don't know what's going on with me. Usually I'm not obsessed about food - well most of the time I'm not. Maybe it's my brain trying to mess with me and throw me off the programme. #screwyoubrain.

Had some watermelon before 12pm. Whenever I open that fridge that pack of chips keep staring of me. (Yes I keep my chips in the fridge. It stays crunchy much longer, just tape it up and throw it in the fridge #lifehack). So a little tip here, stash it somewhere you won't see the moment you open the fridge.

1pm and just had some apples and watermelon. Have gulped down another glass of water since then. Hunger pangs are really banging on my door now but the fruits helped. I wish I have a more supportive brain that doesn't #selfsabotage.

3pm & 5pm had another round of the fruits. Kept thinking about flavourful food. I'm a very unbland person when it comes to food - eg. chips, i'll pick the most spicy, most flavoured ones, never go for the classic flavours #MSGiloveyou. I kept thinking about those right about now.

6pm and.... The programme ended. I ran out to get my dose of thaifood. 


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