Sunday, 6 April 2014

Seoul Yummy

We went to Haji Lane. Have been wanting to go there been ages but havent had the chance since i keep dreading the walk from the mrt and its always so hot hot hot. Love the small shops there. Lovely stuff but gets repetitive after a while. We bought sunglasses each. Im still looking for a reflective blue version with round frame. 

After the hot day walk we went to Iluma for lunch. Still cant get used to calling it Bugis+ up till now. 

Went to have Korean food at 
Seoul Yummy
201 Victoria Street, #04-11, 
Singapore 188067

The side dishes they served us. So so. I didnt like most of it.

Drink is part of the set meal. Lemon tea with aiyu jelly. Turned out they are small bits of jelly scattered all around. Was expecting something more like natta de coco style. Big chunks on the bottom ofthe  glass. 

Kimchi ramyun for xiu. Think she enjoyed it. 

Ricecake ramyun for me. Live it. Gravy is thick. Would be nice if its a little more wattery.

Fried pork dumpling that came with my set. Xiu ordered an extra order of rice cake. Ive never really love rice cake. So to me the taste is so so. 

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