Thursday, 3 April 2014

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Met up with Xiu for lunch at Vanilla Bar & Cafe. Nearest MRT to the cafe is the newest blue line - Telok Ayer station and the cafe is around 5mins walk away. 
Full address is at 3 Boon Tat St S(069612). 

Reached there around 1130am and it was still quiet then. Crowd started to come in at lunch hour so preferably avoid those timing. It got pretty packed right before we left.  You can check out the menus on their Facebook page. They have a special menu too. 

We ordered:
Baked Mentaiko Crab Cakes
Pork Belly Don with Soft Boiled Egg
Parmesan Prawn Linguine
Vanilla Dirt Cake 
Molten Chocolate Cake 

Bill came up to around $75. No credit card promotions available. 

The mentaiko crab cakes are alright. Nothing with mentaiko can go very wrong. There is some sort of seafoody smell that I dont like though. Overall alright. 

Xiu had the pork belly don and she said its nice. Im not very interested - anything red meaty turns me off. 

My prawn linguine  is good too - a safe choice. The paemesan smell is very strong. Initially i ordered the  lobster linguine from the special menu but they were out of lobster. 

For dessert we also ordered the molten cake which is another safe choice. Its normal. Nothing to rave about. 

The main highlight of lunch was the flowerpot dessert - the Vanilla Dirt Cake. Xiu used that to lure me over hahah. Ok so what is it? Basically you have whats like Oreo crumbles - a very dry one since usually Oreo has a darker tone and would look like a moist soil. But these look less dark and dry looking. It does look like soil! 

Whats bellow the crumble layer is something like a vanilla ice cream but it kinda taste a tad cheesy and dry and not as sweet as what a vanilla ice cream would taste like. I dont know what exactly they are - just imagine eating a very cheap low quality vanilla ice cream from the supermarket. 

Two gummy worms on top which are very cute. Flowers are artificial. You cant eat them. I was rather disappointed. If they were edible it would hike up the coolness notch. A very creative idea. Something you can replicate for a house party. I love these things. 

Overall verdict I would have to say from what we have ordered, I prefer the main courses more than the desserts. They are alright but not fantastic. Nice cafe to visit if you wanna spend some quiet time tucked away somewhere having a quiet lunch - avoid the typical meal timings of course. It is a little pricey and not as near to the mrt as I would like my food places to be. Yes, Im lazy like that. But Im also not a foodie and I not the kind who would  queue long and go far for food hahah. Would I go back? Maybe but not so soon. 

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