Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tulipmania at Gardens by The Bay

We visited Gardens by The Bay on a super hot afternoon. Impromptu trip so did not use the right footwear, did not bring my sunglasses and my face mist. All which I wished I had. Anyway, they are having a Tulipmania exhibit in one of the domes till 4May14.

Not sure what does Miffy have to do with this event? Entry price for one dome ie the Tulipmania one is $12 for residents and $16 for foreigners. Prices are acceptable I think. I asked and the other dome has a rainforest theme and a waterfall. #notinterested. Wonder if there is an easier way to reach the place. We walked from one of Bayfront MRT exits inder the hot sun. Good thing it didnt rain.

Tourists taking selfies hahah.

Besides the tulips they also have many different flowers. What I noticed is that they have a constant display of cactuses and succulents. We saw them many moons ago when we went for the orchid exhibit.

Ohkay this cactus is so wrong..

Interestingly, these are also tulips! #sounique

Contemplating if i should enter this instagram contest. Hmmm..

#ootd shot of the day! Found these super  cute tiny pink flowers. Mini daisies? I dont know what they are really called. Hope they will have other interesting exhibits next time.  

Nephew's stinko face. Just woke up when we've finished viewing the 2 levels hahahahah #uglybutadorbs. 

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