Friday, 4 July 2014

July Playlist

New songs finally! Been getting really bored of my last playlist.

Extreme - More Than Words (real oldie. Trying to learn this on the guitar - #bucketlist)

BAP - Where are You What 

BAP - Definitely Today

Junggigo feat Beenzino - Want U

Beast - No More

BTS - Miss Right

BTS - Just One Day

Phantom feat Gain - Seoul Lonely

Raina & San E - A Midsummer's Night Sweetness

Seo In Guk - Bomtanaba (seoinguk kyaaaaa~ <3 not good looking but... #xfactormuch #yummy)

Sweet Sorrow - Pounding Heart (My fave so far! I so wanna play guitar like this..)

John Legend - All of Me (didn't like this song initially but i'm growing to like it)

Ed Sheeran - Sing (cute video!)

Sara Bareilles - Brave (so difficult to sing, it has so many unique wachamacallit - hooks?)

Huh Gak & Zia - I Need You

Michael Jackson feat Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good (super catchy! check out the video of the Glee guy dancing on a treadmill with this song) 

N- Sonic - Crazy

Justin Timberlake - You Got It On (found this on Brian Puspos' dance video)

Geeks feat Jo Hyun - Just Go

John Legend - Tonight (old song, found this on Think Like a Man. Such a sexy song.)

Robin Thicke - Get Her Back (Robin's plea to get Paula back, some think it's creepy and stalkerish but i'm feeling the #superromantic vibe BUT he cheated on her though? I don't know, the song is good! The text message pop ups are a little personal, sounds like they're the real conversation they had. Love Robin Thicke's songs!)

Robin Thicke - Still Madly Crazy (video is cute #awww I think I'll get bored of this song very fast but for now, it's still alright)

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