Monday, 28 July 2014

Pince & Pints and Cake Spade

Met up with Xiu for dinner date at Pince & Pints. 

Pince and Pints
32-33 Duxton Road
Singapore 089496
Nearest MRT Tanjong Pagar (around 10mins slow walk from there)

Saw someone posted on Facebook and it looked interesting so I dated Xiu to go. We arrived around 5pm ish and there was already a line there. Managed to get a seat soon. After we went, the resto was featured  in 8Days and they say the queue timing was horrendous. Well, if you dont wanna queue, why dont you just go early? Hahah. If all parties are not present you wont be able to get a table. They will seat you at the bar till everyone is present. 

They only have 3 items on the menu. All same pricing. I had the grilled whole lobster. Xiu had the lobster roll. 

We also ordered ginger beer and a japanese beer. Both are alright. 

My glamorous whole grilled lobster. Its omigosh fresh. Like everything on thr platter. Didnt even dip them in the sauce much. Its already freshly yumm enough for me. Nothing to complain about. Salad and fries are good too!

Tried a little of Xiu's roll. So yummy! Definitely having this the next time I visit. Ermahgerd. Im getting hungry just by thinking of this now. 

Next stop is dessert. Cos we #alwayshaveroomfordessert. 

Cake Spade
1 Tras Road
Orchid Hotel 
Singapore 078867

Saw this on the way back to the MRT. Its no exactly inside the hotel. Entrance is facing the main road. 

Its a really tiny cafe. No space left inside when we got there so we sat outside in the sweltering heat. 

I got this blueberry white tea which is pretty nice! I thought it was some fresh brew initially. Xiu got some uninteresting latte/cappuccino hahaha. 

Strawberry Cheesecake. I dont like gelatin so Im not liking this cake. 

Some banana chocolate mousse cake. Feels like icecream cake. Taste alright I guess. Not sinful enough for me. 

I think we finished almost the whole thing. Sent this pic to Q who was supposed to join us but couldnt make it in the end. Will be going back to Pince & Pints but not to Cake Spade.