Saturday, 21 June 2014

Trick Eye Museum

We went to Seoul last April. I was gonna blog about the whole trip but decided maybe it's better to separate this one out.

So they have this Trick Eye Museum at Hongdae. We've been there few years back and it was so much fun! Not sure how often they change the display. Its basically a place with many pictures/painted walls that look 3D when you jump in and take pictures of them. They are flat 2D pictures of course, with some exceptions of props that make them look even more 3D realistic. 

That is the way to the Museum. 

Take exit #9 from Hongik University MRT. 

Once you exit turn left at the first junction. You wont miss it. There are many food stalls and stalls selling socks and stockings there hahah. 

Once you see Innisfree, follow the junction bend and walk all the way straight till you see the Tourist Information Booth. If you need help just ask them. 

Else, cross the road at Holika Holika and walk straight. It's in between a small alley. 

There are many small alleys there so if you dont pay attention and get distracted by all the shops and clothes and food... you will get lost like yours truly hahah

Once you go inside, there are 2 levels and 3 different museums to pick from. Near entrance is something like a sex museum. We skipped that. Maybe I'll check it out next time. 

Go down and Trick Eye is there. The entrance ticket covers the ice museum too. Its just a giant freezer with ice sculptures. TIP: bring your jacket inside. Is freezing cold. We went in without. One time entry only so you cant go out to get your coats and go back in again. 

So once you go in there are a gazzilion pictures for you to take. Its snap and go. It will be very irritating if its crowded since you have to wait for your turns to take pictures. And some people take AGES. And if you go with friends who are to shy to interact with the pictures, well.. Too bad for you hahah. I will just let the pictures do all the talking. These are some of the nicer shots I like. There are of course many more that I'm not posting here. 

Ok this is my favourite. Mom didnt go in with us and she was outside shopping around instead. She said she went back in November so they are still probably the same theme. I showed her this pic and she was like.. " WTF! I should have gone in too! " Best thing was.. This one and the one below was outside the museum aka you dont need to get the tickets to take your pictures with them! It was just there and she missed it hahaha. Oh well. 
TIP: go with friends who are not shy and have a decent eye for good pictures. You can take nice pictures for your friends all you like but when it comes the time to have your pictures taken and your photographer friend doesnt know what is a good picture, you will be pissed. You will need someone who will tell you, ohey, move you body further in, keep your head tilted, arch your back, look the othet direction etc etc and also, know how to fit the entire display into your camera display. You wouldnt want pictures cut off or with people by the sides. Grrr. Just thinking of these annoys me to bits. I know the pic above have a stranger at the back but ok come on, sometimes its unavoidable. We had to hurry because there were people waiting to take this picture too. 

No pics to show for the Ice Museum. Bro hasnt passed me the pics yet. He took all of then using his DSLR because my iPhones camera didnt work well. The place wasn't well lit. 

I got the red note from the Seoul Trickeye. So we are supposed to have trickeye now in Resorts World Sentosa! Not sure if I wanna go for a visit. I think I will wait for my next visit to Seoul instead. Just in case the one in RWS has repetitions of what Ive seen so far. Just did a quick search and its already open on 6 June 14! Pretty sure its crowded. Tickets are pretty reasonable, 25$ for adults and 20$ for children. 

I saw this on 8Days too! Sounds similar to Trickeye. If you stay near Suntec area probaly its a good idea to check this out. I really dread going to Sentosa especially on weekends. So if you are like me, this might be suitable for you - a quick outing. 

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