Saturday, 9 August 2014

SuanThai Buffet & Nana's Green Tea lattes

Went to this Thai buffet resto. 

101 Killiney Road
Singapore 239544
Nearest MRT: Somerset. Exit from back of 313 Somerset, 10mins slow walk from there. 

List of all the things in the buffet. We were rather surprised when the bill came. Turned out, they served us the more  comprehensive menu ie. this green page. Turn over and theres a white page with a cheaper option. They look the same to me at a glance. Didnt get a chance to scrutinise further after the bill came. We were informed at the start that the highlighted items will all be served without having to place orders and will only be served once.  

Starters while waiting for Kit. Nothing can go wrong with prawn crackers. We had bottomless calamansi juice - soso lang. 

Spring rolls, fishcakes and mango salad. Dont really like the salad but its a good change from the other oily stuff. 

I think this is the chicken salad. Im not a meat person so this is major turn off because after i zoom in for a look, there are skins all over. #gross. Will taste so much better if i cant taste the skin. Why cant restos use lean meat always. 

The stir fried long beans with soya sauce  and beancurd with special sauce at the back. One beancurd each. #whaaa..?? Ok anyway the special sauce tastes like normal thai sweet chili. Hahaha. 

Minced chicken with basil leaves and eggplant. Not too bad. Didnt try the eggplant. I dont eat that. Only had a little of this. Kit ordered after we finished the rest of the food. 

Highlights of the meal. This dish and other dishes below are part of the highlighted items on the menu. Deep fried whole fish. Not bad. Quite fresh. 

Steamed mixed seafood with chili & lime. Only had the prawn and its alright. 

Pineapple rice and the green curry. Dont remember trying the green curry.The  pineapple rice is normal. 

Tom yam soup with mushroom and prawns. Not bad. 

Thai chicken satay, boneless stuffed chicken wing, wrapped chicken in pandan leaf. Satay is not bad and so if the pandan chicken. Stuffed wing is meh. 
Thats all we had. #feelinglikeapregnantpig. 

Probably wont be going back again. Enough buffet for now. 

Since you always have space for dessert, we walked to Plaza Singapura and ended up at:

Nana's Green Tea
Plaza Singapura #03-80/82
Nearest MRT Dhoby Ghaut ofcourse! 
Its at the new wing of plaza sing. 

Ed had green tea latte. Didnt give any feedback so Im guessing Its normal. 

We had azuki and matcha latte with mochi and soft serve. #yumz. The azuki is a little too sweet. Sweet + sweet is not too enticing. Especially when you are already feeling like pregnant pig. The matcha combi is good. Slightly bitter + sweet = good balance. The mochis are too frozen. Kit dropped one ball into Ed's latte and it was thawed alright hahah. 

I'm missing Hoshino coffee's matcha latte with matcha softie. #sogonnagotomo. 

I've had one of their main meals here before and its not too bad. Average i'd say. Will go back for the matcha. 

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