Sunday, 24 August 2014

Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick

Yepp. My switch is now up for new lip colours! Have been very loyal to my Benefit Chacha Tint but I dont know why it just feels too red nowadays. I'm gunning for lighter colours or something more orange vs reddish tint. Though Chacha is orange, I think it turns into a reddish hue on my lips after a while. Hating my natural smoker lips colour and I dont even smoke #damnit. 

Amy and I went to this Laneige workshop. And during the demo the makeup artist mentioned that their serum intense lipstick is what Cheon Song Yi used in My Love From The Stars. What! I thought that was the YSL lipstick. Xiu told me that it was on waiting list because or the show. Anyway, the shade CSY used was Neon Orange. I was obsessed with getting that colour. Ordered it online and here it is. Ta daaa..

Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in YR25 Neon Orange. The tube feels light! Feels like Im holding a miniature version of their time freze serum. 

I really need to whiten my hands. Grrr. The shade looks very dark here. Not much natural light today. Weather is perfect! Less sun much wind and Im pretty sure thunderstorm will follow later on.

First application. Used the tube directly. Im still waiting for my lipbrush to arrive. #hurryup! Feels light a brighter version of my chacha tint. Very moisturising. No wonder they call it serum intense. I've tried another pinkish colour at the Laneige counter and surprisingly this range of lipsticks has a considerably strong staying power. We were walking around for an hour after the application and the lipstick colour still looked good! Did not expect that at all. Usual lipsticks do not last that long for me since I have the habit of constantly drinking water from the bottle, smacking & licking my lips. 

After blotting. Mattified the look a little. Looks better after I dabbed the lipstick a few more times at the center portions of my lips. 

Dabbed a little of my lipbalm at the centre. Its really very moist hence the glossy look so no gloss or balm is required after that.

Laneige was having a 20% sale for birthday month so I got this bright red shade. Have been wanting to get a red colour but I'm still trying to gather my guts to try it out because it's so bold! 

No blotting, no gloss, just swipes of Luminous Red. I feel that somehow the red changes to orange after a while on my lips hahaha.. Maybe I'm just somehow a yellow person who converts everything to orange. Does that even make sense hahah. Initially I wanted to get a pink shade but none of them looks good on me and I was in my shopping spree mood so might as well make use of the 20%. Wahoo. 

Serum Intense Lipstick
YR25 Neon Orange
YR12 Luminous Red

Staying power 3/5
Colour intensity 3.5/5
Moisture level 4/5
Crack coverage 4/5
(How suitable this is for lips that has many lines and peels) 


  1. I actually think the red look better on you :) Orange brings out the yellow tint from our skin, make us look more yellow than we want. Red or anything with a blue hue make us look more fair. Try it out with your clothes you'll see your skin changes colour ;)

  2. Yeah i like the red in this pic! But after a while it kinda becomes a slightly different shade haha. I still want a red shade but maybe from another brand.