Friday, 19 September 2014

Clio Lipnicure

I was watching some videos online and chanced upon this lipnicure. Have been seeing Clio products around but has never been tempted to give any of it a try till I see this item. The thing that caught my attention was - it's supposed to be very tough to remove. 

Its the Clip Lipnicure which stands for most probably lip manicure seeing it comes with a lip primer and also a top coat (the clear gloss). 

Colour swatches from top to bottom:
No.6 Rumor Coral
No.3 Crime Pink (the one I'm holding) 
No.5 Revenge Pink (supposedly one of the more popular ones but so not my colour)

Comes with a tiny curved applicator. You are supposed to apply one layer on and leave it to dry for 30seconds and after that its smudge proof. I did the test on my hand and bought one immediately after 30secs is over. It didn't budge at all!! So incredibly amazing! And Im telling you when I do the scrub test, I scrub HARD. The first picture with swatches is what they look like almost 3hrs after I apply them on. I went for a movie and dinner after and they are still instact. 

Amazing on the hand. BUT. I applied my fantabulous pink shade on my lips before the movie and applied bit of balm on top since it feels matte and dry and when I came out I went to the toilet to have a look and behold a grotesque sight. The lipnicure was flaking off. Patches here and there. I did a scrub test on my lips after 30secs before the movie and all is good, it wouldnt budge and and looks ok for first try - was trying to scrub off some mistakes. You need to practice before you get too adventurous start wearing this out. Since it dries off pretty quickly it also means you gotta work faster in smoothing out your mistakes too.  

So, i was starting to panic, dont tell me I have to look like this for the next few hours since I still need to meet Jan for dinner and movie. So i started wiping them off and guess what, it came off easily. I think my balm acts as a diluter or remover somehow. Great! 

This is what it looks like with JUST a single coat of the lipnicure. Not loving the look! My lips are too dark for this shade, you can still see the edges. That's also why I applied my balm on top when I first tried it. After application you really need to leave it alone for 30secs. I made the mistake of smacking my lips (bad habit) and it messed the whole thing up. After it dries off it feels like you have a little layer of gloss on your lips. It certainly doesnt look like it. 

I went back to try it on with the primer and topcoat to see if it will make any difference. 

Scrub test after I got home. 
This shade is No7. Tension Red.
My balm is really good in acting as a remover. The primer and topcoat makes it easier to remove too. I would say the topcoat feels like any normal transparent gloss. I no longer use this sort of gloss so it doesnt apply to me at all. Primer kinda feels like a normal lipstick yellowish kind of lipbalm.  Im not interested too. What freaking annoys me is i got it full price at Watsons  and when I walked to the other Watsons at PS, it was on 20% off #fml. 
On another note, I bought a pair of boyfriend jeans today at Cotton On that Ive been eyeing for the longest time and when I was finally getting it, my bill had 40% off!! #unfmlx2 bwahah so exciting. 

This lipnicure will highlight any cracks and  wrinkles you have on your lips. Pre scrubbing is highly recommended. Going for darker might look better too if your lips is not smooth like mine. The matte dark bloody red look is super nice. But I'm in my pinkish craze nowadays. My lips usually suits only orangey colours so i'm try to be a little experimental with lighter shades. 

You can easily remove this with oil based make up remover. I tried with my eye&lipmakeup  remover and also my cleansing oil. Both works fine. If you are even more lazy than I am, just apply some gloss or balm before you reach home and by the time you hit the toilet it will probably be ready to remove. Wahah. 

This is what it looks like after around 1.5hrs of me drinking and eating my tiramisu. I didnt apply anything else on top. 

Most likely i will not get another one. Unless i learn how to work this better on my lips. Even the moussey etude house lips-fit is easier to apply. At most keep you just have to keep erasing and applying till it looks ok. There is no immediate erase for this lipnicure. 

03 Crime Pink
Staying power 4/5 (without primer or anything after)
Colour intensity 3.5/5
Moisture level 2.5/5 (sticky, not moisturising)
Crack coverage 2.5/5
(How suitable this is for lips that has many lines and peels) 

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