Sunday, 28 September 2014

Too Faced Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

Saw this lipstick at Sephora some time a go but didnt really pay much attention to it since I already got a number of new ones. Was thinking that I havent had any Too Faces product yet and I've always liked their packaging so why dont just give it a try. So I did. Lipstick true colour will really only show once you apply them on your lips. Tried so many Laneige shades and I only suit the orangey tone ones. Initially wanted the pink tones. But none look good on my lips. 

Tried all the shades for this lipstick too. But none suits me. Got this picture from the toofaced website. Total 6 shades. All super gorgeous but only the coral shade looks alright on me. Am currently obsessed with this lipstick. 

The shape and applicator reminds me of one of the Etude House lipsticks. Maybe I will do a review on that next time. I think it really suits matte look application. Helps to really get into the crease and smooth it out and it really helps when you dont want to overdo it, you just have to use whatever is leftover from your previous application over your lips. 

This is the first time I tried it on at Sephora. Went home and checked it out on the mirror and its still intact. Decided to get there and then but it was out of stock for quite some time. I might have my chachatint underneath. It looks more red than its actual colour in this picture.

On my way home to my hometown. #shamelessselfie on the airplane. No one was sitting next to me of course. I took a bazzilion shots hahahahah #oops. It looks a little glossy because I applied my lipbalm on top of it. #habit. I think it looks so much better with a hint of gloss in the centre. Gives the #youknowyouwannakissme feel. Hahahahahah #pukes. Whatever. 

Too Faced Liquified Long Wear Lipstick 
Melted Coral

Good colour payoff.
Pretty long lasting.
More to the matte side (some people really like this).
Good applicator.

Creases a little (when you smile you can see lines on your lips so you have to smooth it out a little after a while).
Not very moisturising.

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Looks really subtle and nice on you :) I wonder what purple is like haha!