Monday, 29 September 2014

The Dancing Crab & Casallena

The Dancing Crab
The Grandstand 200 Turf Club Road 
(Old Turf Club in Bt. Timah)
Singapore 287994

There is a free shuttle to and from Clementi and Toa Payoh MRT. 

We went to another of those inaccessible place for early dinner. Reached around 5-5.30pm there wasnt any queue. 

After we were seated one of the servers told us we only had an hour before they need the table back. Hmmm ok. The place was not even packed then. 

So we ordered one of the combo bags. Our server said there is a promo for dungeness crab upgrade from our sri lankan crab. The upgrade price is probably like 50$ more or so. I dont remember. Anyway we decided to stick with the original combo bag. Maybe the server wasn't pleased that we didnt take up his offer because things went downhill from there. 

We ordered also the lobster roll. He asked if we want anything else because it will take very long for us to add on orders. I said we might add on some starters but we still wanna look and decide in a while. He said ok and collected all the menus. I told him to leave one behind and he said that there isnt enough menu to go around so if we want to order later he will pass it to us. Huh? OK. No additional orders then. 

We didnt order any drinks and werent asked either. Waited for a while before our lobster roll was delivered and turned out we can self service ourselves for water. 

Lobster roll looks nice. But only the bread and fries are not too bad. I asked the girls if we wanna order the fries side then they reminded me about what our lovely server said about additional order and waiting time. Fine. No more fries then. Hahhah. 

The combo bag was good. Sauce is not bad. Crab and prawns are fresh. Very little though I feel but xiu said the price is ok. 

In the end we spent around 30$ each there and still unsatisfied so we went to another place nearby. Service here is much better. Food is not bad too. 

We ordered the mushroom soup which xiu said is good. Hawaiian pizza which is also not bad with the always welcomed stringy melted cheese. Also apple crumble and White chocolate raspberry cake. Both are alright. Felt much better after this meal. 

Definitely not going back to dancing crab. Will reconsider casallena only because of the location. 


  1. Wow the service is awful! I love seafood but having to go out of the way to have some for such service? Please don't take me there hahahaa!

  2. yea you won't be going there don't worry hahah