Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Boracay here we are! Day Four!

It's our fourth day in paradise. I think I went for a walk again the morning? Don't really remember since I'm writing this half a year from the actual holiday. The thing with the blogger app is it's so difficult to write a post from  your phone it's getting on my nerves. I thought using a bigger phone will help but it didn't make a difference. Someone do something yo. Better upgrades! That reminds me.. I better write a feedback for the app. 

So today we decided to try on parasailing. Awesomeness. Think i'm more of a get up and do an activity while on a beach holiday rather than just sitting down, basking under the sun sipping my bear - yes, sipping, I might ask for a straw. Forgot the cost but I think it's around 40$? I think it was pretty reasonable. It could have been worse.

Borrowed Jewel's waterproof bag for my shutter remote. Brought up my selfie stick. Good thing they didn't tell me I'm not allowed to do that. It wasn't that difficult manouvering the stick. Just that maybe taking a pic for 3 people is a tad challenging cos we couldn't take a more full bodied pictures. This is when i wish i have a wide lens attachment. Gotta start looking for a good affordable one. So many things to think about when you're taking pics with your phone near water. Will it drop... Will i get a heart attack.. I wanted to try on another ride but they did'nt want to. It looked like another variation of a banana boat - you have to hang on with your hands for your dear life. Woohoo. Too bad. 

Jewels said this is a must try in Boracay - Calamansi Muffins! Tastes.. alright. You can definitely feel the calamansi twang. It's nothing too fantastic but good to try. And we ordered our usual mango fix. Wonder how fattening this drink really is. Do they use lots of sugar or the mango is really naturally that sweet.

There is this I heart boracay sign in one of the shopping alleys. Grabbed someone to help us take the pic. Super love it when everyone in the party is included in the picture! 

Tried Red Horse. Supposedly stronger than San Miguel. But... OK tastes like regular beer to me. And our mango again for tea break. We made an appointment with the parasailing vendor to go on the catamaran ride - I really forgot what the vehicle is called. Amy got a good deal for an hours worth of ride.

Nothing beats "flying" on top of sea water with the wind on your face and sunset looming in front of you. We decided to take on another ride the next day. 

So I went in to this handmade shop and the lady said she can custom names on the string bracelets. I picked the shell charm - Mechelle - Chell - Shell, geddit? Hahah.. Anyway forgot how much these are but not exactly dirt cheap but not that expensive also. For handmade items I would think it's reasonable. I have changed my thoughts on expensive handmade items since I started putting mine on sell.  You are really paying for the crafter's valuable time instead of the raw materials. People who do not craft do not understand this fact, especially asian people who are more scrimpy. 

Found this rock climbing wall and decided that I should just give it a go. My first time ever. YES! Been wanting to try it for ages. I think they were both tired cos Amy kept nudging me to give it a go and I just went for it. It was pretty tough towards the top since my chubby legs refused to cooperate and I can sense that the vendor who was waiting at the bottom was gettin frustrated - YOU CAN DO IT, JUST DO IT!! She screamed.. OHKAY..... So i did it. My forearms burnt for a while. Nothing sore the next day. Glad I did it. We had dinner at the pancake house nearby I think. Nothing fantastic. 

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