Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Boracay here we are! Day One

First time flying off to Boracay! Wahoo! Probably a place I would be hesitating heavily to go if i dont have local friends to go with so thanks Amy and Jewels! 

Left my place around 9am. Our flight via Tiger to Kalibo was at 1130. 

Yes. My face. Thank you. 

View from the top of Kalibo. Looks a littlelike  my hometown but with more trees hahah. Reached Kalibo airport around 3pm. Queued a long snake of an immigration line for ages and filled up plenty of forms. 

After we passed immigration there wasnt an xray machine so the officers were checking manually one by one the passengers who passed by. Quite a number was asked to open up their handcarry and luggages. We got by alright. I think it depends on you departure point. 

Came out of the luggage checkpoint and you can get a local sim card near the exit. And also if you havent prebooked your airport transfer Kalibo-Caticlan ferry terminal you can get it near the entrance. There will be a few booth there providing the service. There are a few cheaper alternatives down the road but not sure how safe those are compared to the ones directly in front of the exit. 

So the bus ride took maybe around 2hrs. We stopped briefly at a minimart for snacks and toilet break. Once we reached the ferry terminal we waited for a while before we boarded the ferry. Ferry ride itself is less than 20mins. Its nothing compared to the bus ride. The transfer costs arnd 500p perpax. Set aside 100-200p perpax for various taxes at the ferry terminal. Ferry ride is already included in the initial transfer fee. 

The exchange rate i got before i left was around 1sgd=35pesos. 

Had our first mango shake out of many at dinner. Super sweet. Not sure if its really mainly the mango or the sugar. But its nice! Face is super oily from the early am hahah. 

Sunset here is much earlier before 6pm. Sunrise too. We reached the resort around 7-8pm. So the whole journey took us almost 12hrs. I left my home around 9am. Didnt expect the long duration. 

We stayed at Casa Pilar over at station one. There are many resorts a long shore line. This resort is very affordable but i would have to say not very impressive. If you are the kind who likes to be in a luxurious clean hotel then this is not for you. The housekeeping will only clean the room in the afternoon time. We usually are out by breakfast timing so 8am ish. By noon the room is still not made up. When you play with sea water and have sand all over your body it is a little difficult to avoid getting it all around the room and bathroom with is super gross. Dripping wet with sand here and there. And also we always run out of toilet paper before housekeeping time. Im not very a beach person so it feels dirty to me. 

So according to A and J station1 is prob quiet aka less crowded than the other stations. Station2 is where the pubs are and station1 i forgot what it is hahah but it feels as crowded as station2.

We had dinner at Casa Pilar restaurant which is in front of our room. I ordered some egg noodles thinking it would be a safe choice but no. Theres this strong smell and after taste that I really dont like. The lumpia shanghai and mango shake are good. 

Went for a walk after dinner. There are plenty of eateries along the road. Lots of international selections too like pasta and pizza (ok thats more like italian selection haha) saw signages for macdonalds and subway. If all fails just eat those - my "international" food. 

One of the shell lanterns hung up on the coconut trees. Most of the restos have their beach front nicely decorated with chairs tables and lightings. 

Lots of peddlers and small shops selling majority of monopods, snacks, slippers and other beach gear esp waterproof pouch for ur mobiles. I broke the one i brought  on the 2nd last day. Luckily didnt need it much after. The one i got was an authentic one from travel shop. The ones they sell here are the thinner ones that i doubt are really waterproof. I bought one to replace the one i broke and there was water droplets in it soon after. Not sure if it went in when I opened it up or it seeped in. I got one for 80p. Thats around 2$++. So if you wanna spend this amount for something waterproof, dont expect much. 

Passed by the famous Boracay sand sculpture on the walk back. You need to pay the sculptor if you wanna take picture with it. They are mostly teenage boys so they will stand around and tell you that you need to pay to take pictures. I dont know how much you need to give but maybe 20p is sufficient. Or you can give more if you like of you have loads of people in the pics. 

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