Monday, 8 December 2014

Boracay here we are! Day Two!

Boracay here we are! Day Two!

Went out for a run on the beach but ended up walking most of the time. My first time trying this on the beach luckily i brought my aqua socks. Got some korean elderly couple to take a pic of me with the boracay sand sculpture but they managed to cut off the most important thing. Grr. 

Here goes day two! First breakfast. Opted for the omelette option. Didn't really like it. 

After that we went to get the beach towels from the reception. There was a charge for it. 

We got the sombreros each. I got the blue one from daiso before i left but i very much prefer the yellow one i saw there so i passed it to amy. Jewels got her purple one too. 

After breakfast we went swimming just in font of the hotel. The water is so clear! There were few schools of white fish near the sand base. 

Spent the day lounging at the beach. Then lunch at the hotel cafe again till afternoon time when its a little less sunny. Ordered pineapple smoothie and lumpia and some cocktails and fries.

I saw some koreans making a tiny version of the boracay sculpture and it looked so damn cute! So i told myself that im so definitely gonna make one on my own. 

So yours truly spent an hr under the scorching setting sun to carve these out. Nowhere near what the original sculptures look like but its an improvement over my stick writings hahah. After that we took gazillion pictures with it. 

Been wanting to do the mermaid pose for ages and finally i did it. King pigeon next! #ambitiousmuch 

We caught the sunset and the sailboats - i dont know what they are called, kinda like catamaran also, they were returning back to shore so they are everywhere! What a beautiful sight. 

Amy wanted to get some local roadside satay. I took a little bite. She said its intestines. Not to bad. Definitely edible but it leaves an after taste which i dont like. Like a not so well cooked liver. 

Had dinner at yellow cab. This pizza place near station one. They also have another outlet near our hotel but it was closed. Pizza was normal. Pasta was yummy. And its san mig light time before we walk back and faint on our beds. 

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