Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Boracay here we are! Day Five!

Finally, it's our second last day before we go back home. Can't believe I spent 6 days on a beach. Record breaking. I think I didn't go for a walk today because we made an arrangement for the catamaran vendor to bring us around to Puka beach. We waited for an hour or so near the resto in front of the meeting point BUT he didn't show up at all. SO Amy suggested that we just take the tuktuk - I don't know what you call it, the local cab. We found out later on after the trip that we've been ripped off. On the way to Puka we paid like 100p (I don't remember the price) for each of us and on the way back it really only cost 100p for ALL OF US. WTH.... Hate it when that happens. Makes you feel like an insignificant tourist and all travel places are out to scam you out of your hard earned cash. It erodes some of your enjoyment from the trip.

So when we reached there I was thinking... WTH! I think the guy dropped us off at the wrong side of the island.I was looking for my big Puka sands but all I see are tiny grains of the usual sands you see but the occasional dog poop. #grossmuch.  Soooo disappointed. But we walked around again and Jewels said that actually the puka sands are beneath the fine sands. True enough.. they are all buried inside. The different tide in the morning exposed different layer of the sand so I think it's better to go back in the afternoon when the tide as exposed all the puka layer and also the lighting is much better for pictures. 

Saw this PUKA picture on instagram the night before and we were like WTH why didn't we see that when we went there the first time so this time round it's a MUST to take picture there. Took me a while to figur out how to take the pics for the 3 of us because of lighting and picture flipping issues. But the answer was so simple sometimes I'm amazed how stupid I can be hahahah 

Got this yellow bikini at one of the alley shops. Think Amy said it's a local brand but sadly it's not cheap. It think it was around 35$ each for the separate pieces. Not as expensive as the seafolly kinds but still very expensive. Tried it on and it felt really comfortable. Guess I was just in the spur of the bikini moment mindset so I decided to get it. That ate up all the cash I exchanged for bora hahah. 

This is the custom bracelets we got. Each one of us had one. I posted this on instagram and tagged the shop and the best thing is, the lady reposted it without crediting me. WTH. Some people are just so insensitive. Jewels notified me but I couldn't be bothered to say anything. Shame on you. 

This is near the entrance of the beach where the tuktuk dropped us off. There were many tiny stalls near the entrance where you can buy handmade puka accessories. I think you are not allowed to bring back shells from the beach. There are specific pictures and instructions at the immigration. But I guess who would notice that unless they are caught up in a long queue and are forced to look around while waiting - which is exactly what we did hahaha.. I brought back tiny "broken" frosted shells from the beach. Still thinking what I should do with them. I have always wanted to make some diy projects with them, maybe next time I can make a side table (woo ambitious much, don't even know where to start and I definitely dont' have the equipment for something of that scale) like those you see where they put in shells underneath the transparent glass table top. Or I have seen where wooden table tops have cracks and you just insert the shells in between, display them nicely before you gel them in - it's kind of like a resin look but  i don't know what they use to seal it in. It looks super awesome. That reminds me.. i still have some Maldives shells that I dont know if I should just throw away. If i'm not mistaken, maldives has the same rule - not supposed to bring back specific shells or you'll be fined. Maybe I'll just do a photo frame with the shells and print out the travel pics. But problem with living with other people is, my clutter style of decorating with pictures and cut outs and diy stuff, does not sit well with the other occupants in the house. Damnit.

Finally met the catamaran guy and we went for our last sunset ride. He said he waited for us at the allocated timing but he didn't see us. Yeah right. We had another round of Yellow Cab for lunch/dinner. 

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