Saturday, 6 February 2016

Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint

I got this super cute lip tint from Etude House. The packaging is super adorable. I wasn't going to get another tint since we all know my lip products are so many that they can probably last me till I'm a grandma. I just went into Etude to try them out one by one and I think this is the only shade that suits my lips. 

This is what it looks like after I started using it. I just throw it in my bag and it will move all over the place. It feels a little different from the usual balm that I'm used to. It feels a little gel-ish. A little weird in the beginning. I've been cleaning off the residue at the corner once in a while. Just be careful when you just throw it around. I think I've a tiny stain spot in my bag hahah. It doesn't leak but probably when I screw it back the tint smeared outside of the pot a little. You need to keep cleaning the smeared ones from the cap else... the more liquidy part of the balm which is on the top layer I think, the more water-ish part will seep out and stain your bag/pouch. Happened to me one time when I picked it up from my Kanken and my hand was slimy. Luckily my bag wasn't stained. I didn't check but I think it wasnt hahaha. 

It doesn't look like it will last long. I was pretty skeptical at first. I rubbed a part of it in the middle as you can see from the picture. This tint surprisingly lasts pretty long compared to normal lipstick. I didn't have much hope for it initially. I just got it because it looked like a pretty orangey pink and I didn't have that colour (ok.. not EXACTLY that colour). You will need to try it on your lips to see what it really looks like unless you are VERY fair and so I think your lips will also be a little of the light pinkish shade and hence all lipstick shade will be true-to-colour on your lips. 

How long lasting is this tint? Hmm.. I still need to reapply after a meal but the colour is still there though not in its original shade. If you eat fried chicken like a barbarian I think it will most definitely be gone completely but other than that... probably you can still get away with not topping up but I want great looking lips all the time so I will definitely touch up.

The finished look is a little matte but the good thing is, it doesn't feel drying like most matte lipsticks do. It doesn't look too matte as well. Doesn't look dry. The usual matte lipsticks will highlight all your lip lines or your flaky lip bits. This one does also but in a very minimal scale. If you start seeing lines, just smooth your lips out and it will look as good as freshly applied. 

This is what it looks on me. I didn't apply any base lipstick underneath. I usually will apply my Benefit Cha Cha Tint before I apply anything else. This tint is really wonderful. It glides on smoothly. It isn't drying like any other matte lipstick. If your lips are a little chapped you can still get away with it. My lips have been very dry recently but I can still get away with this. 

Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint 
PK001 Grapefruit Pudding

Pretty long lasting.
Glides on smoothly.
Does not highlight lip lines.
Looks matte but not drying.

Pretty heavy for its size (I think because it's glass container) - but not that much of a turn off.
You have to use your finger to apply which is... pretty gross for some people and aint nobody got time for lip brushes.
If you don't keep it in a upright position or clean it frequently, it will eventually seep out and stain ur bag a little.  

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