Saturday, 27 February 2016

Limecrime Velvetines Pumpkin

Finally we ordered another batch of velvetines. Not many new shades that I think will suit me. Ordered this Pumpkin shade which i think looks like a rusty red, a little like mixture of red velvet with riot with suedeberry. It looks darker on me than I thought but what is new, right. Lip picture taken from Lime Crime site. I think it is quite true to colour.. for this shade at least. 

Yes, I'm angry. Can you feel it? Hahahah.. This colour makes me look angry. I think it's too goth for my skin. I feel weird when I wear it out. Like... Im not sure what kind of eye make up I should match it with. I usually just darken my usual shadow. Can't believe I now have 5 Velvetines! Yipee.... 

Colour swatches. Forgot to do one with suedeberry. So these are the 3 colours that make me look angry hahah..  

Lime Crime Velvetines

The pros and cons are similar to the other Velvetines I have.

Very pretty matte shade especially for you who love this look.
Long lasting.
Easily removable at the end of the day.
Smells lovely.
Colour makes me look angry hahahah.

Probably too little if you use it everyday, it won't last very long.
Highlights your lip lines.
Feels a little dry after a while.

Same feedback as the other Velvetines, so here are the complete reviews with pictures. 

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