Friday, 19 February 2016

Limecrime Unicorn Lipstick: Babette

There was a sale on Lime Crime nearing to Christmas last year so besides topping up on my Suedeberry and getting Pumpkin I also ordered Babette which is from their Unicorn Lipstick range. I wouldn't have gotten it if it hadn't been on sale. The sale was more than 50% off. I'm always on a look out for a pinkish colour that will suit my lips. Picture taken from LimeCrime site. They describe Babette as a Pinky Nude shade. Which is... pretty accurate. I guess on fairer skin it will look more nude. Such "nude" colours usually make me look like I am sick - cooped up for a few days at home and havent seen the sun nor bothered put on make up.

Came with a holographic lipstick box. Love nice packaging. But this paper box ended up in my rubbish bin anyway hahah. 

Swatch of the colour.... My skin looks very dark here. I was pretty convinced when I see the lip colour on the site. Prayed and hoped that I can carry it off.  

This is what it looks on me. I think it's still ok.. Doesn't make me look sick, does it? I'll have to say... I'm pretty pleasantly surprised with the texture of this lipstick. It's thick. Not exactly creamy, just thicker than normal lipstick. It's not very balmy nor the moisturised kind. But, it doesn't feel dry on my lips. It's like a kinda moist matte lipstick. It will highlight cracks on the lips but not as obvious as Velvetines. You still need a smoothed out lips to make this appear very nice. I love this formula. But they don't have many colour that suits my skin. Their colours are more for the fairer or more adventurous soul. My soul isn't that adventurous ahhaha..

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick

Coats well.
Doesn't feel dry.

Obviously not as long lasting as tint which I'm used to by now, but it's alright I guess. Since it's a little thick/creamy, it lasts longer than normal lipstick.