Friday, 11 March 2016

Etude House Tint My Brow Gel

I dont know how i found out about this product. Maybe on one of those days where i was really lazy to draw and searched online, this product popped up. I saw some reviews that says the result will only last around 3 days. Thats not very impressive. But then again if it can last pretty long it might be very dark initially. Im expecting it to fade off as days go by. 

The instruction says:
Apply liberal amount after eyebrows are trimmed. Let dry for at least 2hrs. Best if you peel off the next morning, which i do not intend to do since this is my first try. I have to work the next day so.... Fingers crossed. 

Of course I got it in the darkest shade #3 Gray Brown. Was so tempted to also order the middle brown tone but i think it might be too light for me. 

Normal small brush applicator. The liquid is very thick but not so thick that its too difficult to apply.  Id say its just nice. I only went out of my bottom line by a tiny dot which i managed to use my fingernail to scrape off. 

Ready to see my Crayon Shinchan face......? 

TADAAAAAAAA..... 😱😱😱😱😱 hahahahahha. I showed Conrad after I applied it and he was like... "WTH.. Take if off now...!" Hahahahhaha.. 

Super scary! First 5mins of me applying it i was like.. "Shitttttttttt....." But i still wanna know how it will turn out to be.

After half an hour i touched it and its already dry. I guess for those of you who are scared you can peel it off now. But you might risk peeling off also the part underneath thats not yet dry.

So after an hr I decided to peel it off because it was already almost 1am and i need to faint. I had no intention of letting it stay till the next day just in case it gets too dark and i still had to go to work.. #nightmare. So after an hour, it was peeled off pretty easily. Not painful. Doesnt stick too tight or too dry to my eyebrow hair. None of my hair got peeled off.. I think. 

This is what it looked like. Pretty awesome! One thing i wasnt satisfied about was the front bit. I think maybe after 2 hrs it will look better. Very satisfied with my first attempt. 

This is what it looked like the next day. I topped up the front bit with a little of clio. I didnt do anything to the middle to back parts. Looks pretty good! I did not wash and scrub my eyebrows in the morning by the way. I was my face as per usual but i use Cetaphil so itll be gentler. I didnt rub it all over my eyebrow too. 

So... 2nd night i decided to do another hour of the stain. At first i wanted to only paint in on the front bit but i decided to do it on the entire brow. Just in case. 

This is what it looks like the next day. I did not top up at all! This is all the result of the stain from the night before. Awesomeness!

This is day 2 result. I did not top up in this picture. You can see that the front bit is starting to fade and the colour looks overall more light. I went out after i top up with a little clio again. 

Third day look. Front part is starting to fade more. Colour is noticeably lighter brown. Back part is starting to fade a little. I went out after i topped up with clip and etude - wanted a thicker look today. 

So far i have been using Cetaphil and no make up remover on my brows. When i applied clio i will softly wipe it with my micellar water. 

Day four. More fading. I was so tempted to top up the tint last night but my sleepiness got the better hold of me. It still looks fuller than my bare brows but that is about is. I topped up with clio this morning. I used my clarisonic brush and cleanser last night so it could probably have also scrubbed off the front bit. I tried not to go over my brows. This is the final day it lasted. Days after that I will really need to draw my entire brows. 

I have since tried applying it overnight or for 2 hours. There is no difference. In fact I prefer it when I only apply it for an hour and peel it off. I will from now on only apply for an hour before I peel it off. This will be great when I go on trips especially tours so I don't have to spend extra time drawing my brows for at least 2 days in a row. 

If you are like me and you sometimes apply serum - the more liquid kind, not the creamish kind, your brows will turn green hahahah. I didn't realise till my colleague asked... did you draw my brows (i draw my brows everyday) hahahah but he only noticed it when it turned green and became obvious that it wasn't my normal brow look. Anyway, I think the serum somehow seeps in and alters the colour. Only happens when I apply my Missha treatment essence and Mario Badescu vitamin C which are both watery. Other than that it doesn't happen when I use my Laneige time freeze serum which is the cream kind. 

Etude House Tint My Brow Gel
Gray Brown

Pretty long lasting.
Pretty easy to apply but you have to be careful if you don't really draw your brows often.
Good for short travel or when you are feeling lazy to draw your brows everyday.

I think it will finish very fast if you use it regularly.
Doest last as long as I have hoped but it lasts so much longer than the usual 

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