Wednesday, 4 May 2016

3CE Lip Matte Color #908

Ordered this from StyleNanda. Colour was pretty special and I didnt think I already had that #justifyingmybillionthpurchase hahahah 
As usual, love their packaging. I love the pink tubes too but this is pretty cool. Matte velvety black. 

I think this is the special 3CE Lip Color Matte that came out after the original range and it has 3 colours:
#907 Old Dress
#908 Warm & Sweet (which is what I got)
#909 Smoked Rose

Sooo tempted to get the other two colours! They all look gorgeous. 

Colour swatch on my skin. Looks pretty ok... I was afraid it might be too dark for on my lips.

OK, my face with it on. I think maybe this is my dark nude shade. I think it is one of those odd colours that surprisingly looks pretty ok on me. A little different from the normal orange that I usually sport. Texture wise, its finishing is pretty matte as its name suggests. Did not feel dry like what I would expect a matte lipstick. Application wise you are better off if you bother to moisturise and scrub your lips beforehand. But otherwise, it is still pretty ok. Does not show the cracks on my lips too much. Only see lines which will get more visible as time goes by. It is pretty transfer proof too for a lipstick - maybe because it is matte. 

Most definitely look better when you bother to put on full make up. I think my makeup and lense here complement the lip colour so it doesn't look as dull as compared to my daily makeup look.

3CE Lip Matte Color 
#908 Warm & Sweet

Pretty long lasting.
Glides on pretty smoothly - much better if you moisturise before hand.
Unique shade.

Looks duller after a while - maybe I am not used to sporting this colour.
Shows the lines on the lips after a while.
Will need to reapply the center of the lips. 
Nothing really bad about this lipstick - it is just a more lasting, slightly dryer lipstick which is fine by me.

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