Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Seidio Obex Waterproof Case: iPhone 6 Plus

I have been wanting to get a waterproof case for my iPhone 6 Plus especially after our Gili trip was booked. I saw someone posted a picture of a beach holiday and captioned the Lifeproof case.

Issues I think I’ll encounter:
  • Wont be able to use my monopod since there’s only a slight allowance with my current thin silicone case.
  • Even if I can use the monopod, I’m not sure if it’ll destroy the monopod shutter function – I have one of those with the remote cable - for underwater use (won't the water seep in?)
  • Picture quality diminished either because of flash or the screen protector.

Lifeproof Nuud
  • Lightest & thinnest.
  • No screen protector so screen is equally sensitive.
  • No strap – this is my biggest deterrent.
  • Only comes in black.
  • Around USD80 before shipping, this was my last option so I did not check shipping by the time I decided.

  • Problems with the volume or mute button
  • Has wrist strap – YAY!
  • Has long silicone flap at the bottom that covers the earphone jack and lightning port that could possibly pop off when you’re not careful.
  • No pretty colours combi – only dull ones.
  • Around 75$ and with shipping 15$, I think it’s cheaper since they ship from Hongkong if I’m not mistaken. But I’m really not liking the colour combi I have and I think the hard-to-press buttons will probably annoy the hell out of me.

Seidio Obex
  • They were having a sale of 30% under promo code B2S2015 and there are 25$ off most cases and combos (with the clip). You can’t apply the promo code for cases already under the 25$ off promo.  Not sure if this is still valid but you can try it out.
  • Has screen protector – might hamper screen sensitivity
  • Has writs strap – YAY!
  • Has few bright colour combi – YAY!
  • Some review said it failed the drop test but this won’t be of a major concern to me. My main aim is the waterproof feature.

Some of the cases with screen protectors – or the plastic screen coverings (unlike Nuud that has none), will cause some distortion over screen display and also camera picture quality. I have seen some remarks about how the flash or covers even, seem to cut into the picture and some flashes create blue tinge on the pictures. Oh yeah, screen glares and sensitivity problems as well.

Websites that I find very helpful to help me decide which case to get:
scroll towards the bottom of the post for iPhone 6 Plus reviews.

So after much consideration, I got the Seidio Obex under the 25$ off promo so it’s around 65$ plus 30$ shipping it ended up to be around USD100.

I forgot what shipping company they used. So I got the case in the box with the lanyard. 

Doing the water test. If you notice, there is huge damp spot on the top right corner. I was so disappointed. Before I took it out, Conrad was taking his nap and after he woke up he said he dreamt that water seeped into the case. WTH... hahahahah.. Anyway, when I took the case apart, there was a small section of the tissue stuck in between the case so I didnt align it properly. Scary to think that maybe if I didn't notice a strand of hair in between the case while shutting it close, my phone will get wet?

This is the picture taken with the case. It is pretty good! No complaints here.

Seidio Obex Waterproof Case
Yellow iPhone 6 Plus


  • Super bulky - if you have tiny bags, this wont fit in for sure. We went Bangkok and I was using this small waterproof bag but with the phone case in it, it's very difficult to snap close my bag. Why I don't want to just hang it on my neck? Well.. it is very heavy for me and I don't like the feeling. 
  • Cant use my monopod - which I already know.. #bummer.
  • Underwater or even just in and out of the water surface makes it hard to press the home button and screen. I think somehow it fails to detect your fingertips. The sensitivity is decreased tremendously when it is in contact with water. I was having problems trying to start a video or taking pictures. Very difficult to navigate the menu. Most of the time I just gave up.
  • Sound recorded is a little muffled. 
  • You will need a coin to prop the case open but it is still pretty to assemble and disassemble. I think with continuous usage it will probably un-waterproof the case. So far I think I have opened and close for around 20 times but it is still ok. Last round I used it for Songkran in Bangkok and it was ok. No problem using it with the constant water splash but not when you are swimming or snorkeling - anything to do with constant water contact then I wouldn't recommend it.


  • Well... it is waterproof hahaha. If that is all you are after that this case will serve its purpose. 
  • Better colour selection than other brands. 

I don't think I will get another waterproof case again, I can't bring it diving anyway. I think it is only good up to 3-5m depth? Maybe the normal cheap plastic double ziplock style bag is good enough. It is light, easy to assemble and probably will fit in the tiny bag I mentioned better - or I can just hang it on my neck since it is less bulky and heavy. 

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