Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hometown Yumz: Shaved Ice & Chai Kueh

We came back to our hometown again in pontianak, kalimantan barat aka west borneo, indonesia. #nomnomnom fest. 

 Shaved ice with coconut, jelly, syrup, and condensed milk #diabetes heaven.

Simple fried rice. So yummy and my bro says there is loads of msg in it but i didnt feel thirsty afterwards. 

Probably the only place you can find this dish. Its called chai kueh. Rice flour skin with different fillings - mung beans, chives, jicama, and yam. These are the steamed mini versions. Bite size goodness. The golden flakes are fried garlic. #noseporn seriously it makes everything smells so ultra delicious. Its so good i can eat just it with rice. 

Fried version topped with fried flour flakes. Dont really like this version. 

Same thing from another stall. Much better. Each costs Rp.1500 ie around USD 15cents. One is never enough. 


  1. Babe, I can't see your pictures for some reason? x

    1. Thanks babe! Just fixed it. Pics uploaded in my hometown were corrupted. The connection was so bad. And I just realised that if I mixed editing on my phone and the computer it messes up my format! Grrrr

    2. I cant even get the editor in the app to edit my prewritten posts on pc lol.

      We have something similar in Hong Kong, it's Hakkah Cha Kwo, I think it means exactly the same thing (tea dumpling). Ours is made with glutinous rice flour and with either sweet or savoury filling, also sitting on a piece of leaf. One is more than enough though because of the glutinous rice! I do miss it!!