Friday, 23 May 2014

Etude House Color Lips-fit

Got this Etude House Color Lips-fit lippie last trip to Seoul. The texture is unlike your usual lip gloss or tint. I would say it feels moussey. The shade I got was in #OR201 Dream Fit Coral. 

It feels really dry once you apply it onto your lips. And this lip mousse (I'll just call it that) will not be flattering if you have cracked lips or dry lips or your lips have many lines. The formula and texture kinda eats in into every imperfections you can see on your lips. It looks really orange but its more of a pink once smoothened. 

Photo is with lip balm and the mousse. You cant really tell the lines and flakes but they are there! Colour is not as intense as the swatch because i blot them off. It looks horrible on me when its too strong.

I peeled and scrubbed my lips with my fingers this morning while watching tv. #Superbadidea. So its now peeling in the centre. You know the kind of conditoon where you see lots of flaky skin you can peel but if you peel them it will sting like hell. Exactly the situation im in right now. After that i scrubbed my lips properly using this:

Too Cool For School's - Maybe Baby. Has lip scrub on one end and lip essence (lipbalm) on the other end. On usual days they do work well if I use them before I apply the lip mousse. But since Ive screwed up my lips this morning, this didnt work at all. This brand's products are generally pricier than Etude House. I really like their packaging. Besides this I have an eyeliner and makeup fixer, all which Ive gotten from Seoul since its cheaper there. 

Smoothed everything out with finger and applied a little lip balm/gloss on top. You have to really smooth them out. Not the kind you can apply without a mirror. And if you apply too much, it looks really scary. And other lip gloss wont work well too if you apply too much on top of it. I learnt this the hard way. They are selling this mousse with a clear gloss which i didnt get  since i dont like lip gloss. This takes too much effort to put on and maintain and im too lazy for that. Have I mentioned that it smells divine! Like bubble gum! 

So verdict is: Only get this if you have ugly lips like mine and dont mind all the scrubbing, careful applications and maintenance (which happens every now and then especially after having a meal) or you have pretty moist buttery lips with no flakes or lines then lucky you! This mousse is meant for your gorgeous lips! 

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