Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Long Stick

Behold. My magic stick. Bwahahah. Its the recently popular monopod. Actually I've seen this stick around ages ago when we first see digicam in the market. It looked pathetic then. Something you would be too embarrassed to use. It still is, I tell you! Hahah but probably better now since #selfie became word of the year.

This is what it looks like. The black part on top is the mobile phone clasp. Its detachable. The pink handle comes in other colours. Ive seen blue and black. 

I usually keep the clasp on when I'm on the run and only detach it when I keep it on my luggage or when it's not in use. 

Even though its very embarrassing to use this but it is very useful when you are travelling alone and dont want to keep asking people to take your pictures. A lot of people are very bad at taking pictures too. Imagine having to ask different people to retake your pictures. But if you yourself are bad at taking pictures then probably you wont notice when people take bad pictures of you. You know who Im talking about - people who can post blurry pictures, ok not artistically blurry or just blurry in the background but the main focus of the picture itself is freakin blurry. #excuseyou. Or people who do not have good perspective aka everything is cut off at the wrong places. You dont need to get this stick hahah. You dont need to take pictures at all. 

Also very useful when you want to take group pictures and dont want anyone to be left out. Super super useful! 

This is what it looks like when fully extended. It takes a little practice before you can take pictures without the stick in it. Amy took this picture of us hahah. Have been seeing people use this stick. And its really a funny view. All the pictures below were taken with the stick. It can really fit a lot of people. You just have to know how to adjust it. 

We were the only two people interested in taking the group picture hahha. Imagine how many people you can fit here it's soo amazing! 
Liking the view range? Go get one! 

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