Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bibimbap, anyone?

Place is really small. We went before 6pm  and we had a little trouble finding seats for 3pax. Luckily these 2girls were willing to swap table with us. 

Tofu bibimbap. This is mine. Not bad. I was already hungry when we got there. Seems like the portion is smaller than the other one below that we ordered. The bowls are gigantinormous. Maybe the theory that you have to eat with smaller plates to trick your mind you are eating a lot, really works. 

Beef bibimbap. Amy didnt even finish hers. The portion seems bigger than the tofu bibimbap. Food was not hot when we got them. Only realised when Amy asked if mine was hot. I have no problem eating cold food so i guess it didnt even cross my mind at all that it wasnt hot! She said there were hot food on the next table because she could see the steam rising up hahah. 

You get a soup and kimchi pickle with the bibimbap. 

And standard gochujang to mix of course. Overall not bad. Price came out to be around $10 per pax including drinks. They have limited canned drinks to choose from. I will probably go back to try the noodles and have the tofu bibim again. Or maybe the beef one next round. 

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