Wednesday, 18 June 2014

DIY Friendship Band Watch Straps

Saw that few of my watches are dead. Got the replacement batteries from SelfFix and decided that I should just probably change the straps.

Original straps were the usual brown leather. Got these watches from one of those road side stalls. Think they were around $10 each so I wont feel too guilty if they were disfigured in the diy process. 

So I cut off the flimsy brown straps for the tiny watch. I've already lost the straps for the bigger watch. They gave way some time a go and I did another DIY back then. 

This one might look prettier but I sorta placed it wrongly. I already madethe chain   braid bracelet and then the watch broke so I just attached the bracelet to the watch. These braid bracelets are pretty easy to make. My mom kept saying the watch look super cheap and I should just throw it away hahah. I like the simple face. So no. I'm keeping it. 

Finished this tiny one first. Totally forgot how to do the love pattern but its easily picked up. I wont be describing how to do that so you need to youtube it yourself. There are quite a lot of good tutorials. 

So after finishing the first one, I realised probably it will look nicer if the strings can cover the entire bar. But I couldnt be bothered to redo. That would take me ages. And I already wanted to wear it asap. 

This is what I used for the big watch. I will do a breakdown for the tiny one after. 

Pick two colours you want. Preferably one dark and one light so the contrast is more visible.

This is what you need for ONE BAR (one strap): 
Cut 4 x 80cm of light coloured strings. 
Cut 4 x 80cm of dark coloured strings. 

So cut double that amount to cover both straps. 

The ones u see on top I've folded into half. Dont cut all of them into half because we need to loop them into the watch bar. 

This is the total you need for the entire watch. Each string is 80cm. 

Loop them into the watch bar. 
The 80cm strings now are halfed. 

Suggested sequence:
Pick a colour and loop 2 of those first. 
In my case, light blue.
Knot the 2 strings together. Just a regular knot will do. Make it as tight as possible at the bar. 

Then loop 2 more of the other colour.
In my case, dark blue. 
Knot the 2 strings together.

Then loop back 2 of the same colour.
In my case, dark blue. 
Knot the 2 strings together.

Then loop the final 2 colour. 
In my case, light blue. 
Knot the 2 strings together.

I know the picture isnt in this sequence. I had to learn this the hard way and redid everything.


You probaly need to tape the watch down to keep it from moving. Use a masking tape instead of scotch tape. For me I usually take my own sweet time finishing my DIY projects so if I use scotch tape it will provably leave sticky marks on my watch.  

Whatever colour is first will be the background of the band. 
In this case, my heart will be dark blue. 

Don't loop all of them in at one go (just like the picture) because they move around and you will have to keep adjusting the length. 

This is what it looks like when all strings have been knotted firmly. 

You can start knotting the friendship band. 

I used this tutorial to refresh my memory on how to make them. 

Instead of using single string at one time, I use two instead. These will make the band bigger. And still follow the knotting guidelines. If you use single strings, it will to haywire. #learntthisthehardway.  So just don't. 


Superglue the strings on the bar to keep them from moving. It will look a little wet even after drying but I dont mind that. Dont use too much. Just enough to keep them still. 

If you dont like the space you see on the bar and prefer to have it all covered up, I suggest you double the amount of strings used. 

One side done up. I made this too long! So I redid it. The suitable length has 3 hearts on one side instead. I have an average wrist size so you can follow this guideline. Keep measuring after you've knotted. I keep putting it against my wrist to see if the size is okay. You can easily extend the length without the heart knots. Just tie braids to give the extra extension. 

Once you've finished the band, knot it and start braiding and insert a round metal ring in between the braids. I just unhooked this gold one from my old chains. #recycle. Make sure this size fits your clasp at the other end. Then continue braiding and double knot at the end. Make it tight. 


Superglue the metal ring to the strings. Just a little glue will do. Superglue hardens the strings so dont use too much else it will turn stiff. 

Don't cut off the excess strings yet. In case you need to adjust later on. Better too long than too short!

When you are ready to cut them off, leave a little excess at the end. When you pull and tug the string will move around a little. So if you cut it off right at the end of the knot, it might come loose.

Continue with the other side and this time use a clasp. I didnt bother matching the colours too. Its another recycle item. Nobody will see it anyway since you wrists face down most of the time. 

Do the same knotting and glue if you want. 

The tiny watch has half the amount of strings and is knotted using single string instead of double. You can see the size difference too. The thicker band on the big watch would probably fit nicely on the small watch. But i like the thinner strap. It gives out a very light airy feeling. 

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