Friday, 13 June 2014

Yakitori Enmaru

Saw an article about frozen beer cocktails in one of the magazines and whatsapped it to Kit who said we should go and try. Woohoo! So we went, last night. 

Yakitori Enmaru
2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

It's near Paradise Dynasty, opposite Crates and Barrell. Ive always passed by this place on my way to Paradise Dynasty but never really stopped by to have a look. 

Reached there around 640pm. No queue. Had to wait for Kit so I left and went Topshopping for a bit. Came back around 730 and still no queue but I think I got the 2nd last table available at that moment. 

They have happy hour promotion too! #awesomeness. Was deciding between calpis & mango but then I saw pineapple and decided to go for that. Lychee for Kit. 

The clearer one behind is lychee. Both have a little hint of the fruit flavours. But still taste like regular beer. More to the lighter side which Im really liking. The foam is the cutest! They taste like.. Foam. Hahaha. I was thinking how am I gonna drink this without spilling or just clearing the foam first but then started sipping and it worked just fine. Little bit of beer. Little bit of foam. Kit came later on and asked the same thing hahahah. 

There is a complimentary "cover charge" or $5 per pax. Staff mentioned it before I took my seat. The charge is supposed to cover the appetizers and wet tissues? Hmm. 

So these are what we got: 
Potato salad. Quite nice. We had one each. 

And Cabbage with i dont know what sauce. Its quite refreshing. Not sambal. Something sweet plus salty? Not bad. We were given a big bowl of of this. 

Ok so we decided to order the skewered selections instead of the usual main meals. They have a minimum 2 sticks per order rule. 

Mushrooms. So so. Not bad. Not fantastic. Lightly seasoned. 

Scallop. Hmmm dont really like. Doesnt have that amazing freshness chewy feel to it. Rather meh. I wont order this again. This is also the priciest thing we ordered. 

Avocado wrapped with bacon. I like this. Cooked avocados always taste less rich to me but thats not an issue. Not bad. 

Ok this is probably my favourite! Minced chicken balls topped with cheese. I dont eat a lot of meat but these are good! The sauce is fantastic. Very flavourful. Im all for flavourful food rather than bland tasting ones. I ended up dipping the avocados in this sauce too. 

I think this is chicken thigh with basil. Too bland for me. Took a bit and Kit finished up the rest. Not getting these next time. 


Next we added a california roll. Not bad at all! Freshly made. You know how when you have an old sushi and its all stiff and hard and not springy to your chopsticks poke. None of that here. They crumble once I shred them apart. Yea I like to shred and eat my sushi one tiny bite at a time. I know its the wrong way to eat but so what. Wahah. 

Took these posters outside the restaurant. I will go back for the buffet next week with Jan! Cant wait! 

Our bill came out to be $45 perpax. Which makes the buffet pricing really reasonable. I saw this notice on the table abt being a member of jpassport or something like that. All you need to do is to QR code scan it and once you open the site, you can redeem a free drink every night. So our drinks were foc. #awesomeness! 

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