Sunday, 15 June 2014

Marketplace, Fries, and Ted

It was a rainy sunday this morning! Met up with Amy and Jan to check out the Marketplace happening at Bugis National Design Centre. I've never stepped into that area till today. The building houses a very unique multi label shop called Kapok. Found some stuff I really like but they are rather pricey. Luckily I didnt have a spur-of-the-moment moment today. 

Saw this on 8days. The event was indoor. And with very little stalls. Maybe 20 or so selling (organic?) food, accessories and yoga stuff. Very laidback hippie yogie vibe - I so wanna be one of the people there ahhaha. Wasnt really paying much attention, we left after 15mins probably. I think I spent more time inside Kapok. 

After that we had lunch at Bugis+. Been wanting to try out this place for ages. 

Ireland's Potato
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

We ordered the set meal with fries, choice of potato balls or potato skins and a drink. 

This was my choice - honey mustard. Can never go wrong. I tried all the sauces on the fries we ordered actually and all of them are just alright. My honey mustard serving might look pathetic but they were pretty generous. I saw a pool of it at the bottom when my fries were finishing. Hate stingy places. Luckily my server wasnt feeling stingy today. Forgot to ask the girls if they also had a pool at the bottom of their cups. Too busy eating mine hahah. 

Amy picked wasabi mayo. 

Jan picked sour cream. They all taste like what they say they are but they just lack oomph. No wow factor. BFF sauces are better. I so need to go there tomorrow. 

Jan and I opted for potato skins. Alright. A little burnt at the bottom. Cheese was good but I still ate most of them with chili sauce.  

Amy chose the hotdog. This woman couldnt even wait for me to take pics first before she took a bite. She said it tastes like ikea's hotdog - which is nice, according to her. Ohkay. I dont like sausage anyway. Dont remember the last time I've successfully finished a GV hotdog. 

Our drinks. I forgot what Jan had but Im guessing coke. And I had green tea which is bitter. And Amy had lemon tea I think. Nothing special. 

I will probably not go back again. Unless Im watching movie upstairs and I feel like smuggling fries in. Just hope that they are really generous with the sauce and not just this time for mine. And I might still go for honey mustard. That might be the most flavourful one. There are so many other choices though. Maybe I'll study the menu again wahahah. 

Went to watch A Million Ways to Die in The West after lunch. Ok, no too meh. Some of Ted's (aka Seth) jokes are so gross hahaha. FilmGarde is always so 
cold, I hate you. #plsturnupyourAC. 

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